AirAudio stream music Premium v8.1.1 Full APK

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AirAudio stream music Premium v8.1.1 Full APK ROOT required: Stream all sound from any application to each recipient – with only 1 click!

Appreciate Spotify, Google Play Music, Rdio, Deezer, TuneIn, Poweramp and some other sound on your Airport Express, Freebox, AV-recipient, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Raspberry Pi, Chromecast, Nexus Player, ROCKI, Smart TV, Roku Streaming Player, SONOS, Gramofon, Denon HEOS, Samsung WAM and numerous more gadgets.

AirAudio underpins all the most recent gushing advancements and offers consistent similarity with Apple AirPlay, DLNA, SONOS, Google Cast, Qualcomm® AllPlay™, Amazon Fire TV, Denon HEOS, Samsung Multiroom and Roku.

ROOT required

Android doesn’t generally enable applications to catch the sound of different applications, thusly an ‘established’ Android is required!

It would be ideal if you observe on for insights about how to root your gadget, or get in touch with us if there should be an occurrence of inquiries or on the off chance that you require additionally help!

Demo mode

As the advancement of AirAudio is exceptionally confused and tedious, it is at first in demo-mode!

Following 5 minutes in ‘framework mode’ some beep-sounds are included, which can be expelled by obtaining a master permit.

The permit is legitimate for every one of your gadgets and all variants of AirAudio and the expense is right now 3.99€/USD ~4.49.

Make the most of your music all over the place!

AirAudio streams all sound from any application on your Android to all recipients in your home:

• Apple AirPlay: Airport Express, Apple TV, ROCKI, Freebox and all AirPlay-empowered collectors like Bang and Olufsen or Bowers and Wilkins

• DLNA: Smart TVs or AV-collectors like Samsung, Sony, LG, Pioneer, Yamaha, Denon, Bose or Onkyo, XBOX 360, PS3 and so on.

• SONOS Wireless HiFi: Enjoy all music on your SONOS

• Roku Streaming Player: Stream any sound to your Roku

• Google Cast: Chromecast, Nexus Player and other Google Cast-empowered beneficiaries

• Qualcomm® AllPlay™: AllPlay™-empowered beneficiaries like Panasonic, Lenco or Gramofon

• Amazon Fire TV: Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

• Denon HEOS: All HEOS-beneficiaries are bolstered

• Samsung Multiroom: Samsung-WAM and more gadgets

• Software beneficiaries: Kodi, Shairport, Airfoil Speakers, GMediaRender and more

Astounding excitement

AirAudio is a capable sound streamer for Android!

Its extraordinary highlights ensure simple and consistent gushing of all your music:

• AirAudio keeps running out of sight and gives you a chance to stream with only 1 click

• AirAudio works precisely like unique Apple AirPlay and therefor requires 30-60% less WiFi-activity contrasted with other AirPlay-applications without influencing the sound quality

• AirAudio perceives in the event that you are tuning in to your music and a collector is accessible

• AirAudio sends informations and work of art to your AirPlay-or Google Cast-collector

• AirAudio bolsters Tasker – mechanize your music

• AirAudio’s gadgets – make alternate ways for your most loved recipients

Individual help with instance of issues

On the off chance that you have any issues with AirAudio, please get in touch with us through email at [email protected] and we will attempt to encourage you.

Tips and Tricks

• HTC ONE M7/M8/M9: Please S-OFF your telephone to forestall AirAudio continually requesting to reboot your gadget

Mod info of AirAudio stream music Premium v8.1.1 Full APK

? Premium features Unlocked

What’s New

Major update to follow Google’s upcoming new policies:

– AirAudio now requires Android 5+
– Removed old recording-method, including a lot of obsolete permissions
– Exit AirAudio via the notification
– Autostart can be easily disabled now
– ByeBye “Intelligent notification” on Android 8+ (background-services not allowed anymore)
– HD-icons everywhere
– Recording to SDCard
– Fixed track-details on Android 8+
– Better integration with Magisk
– Updated translations & libraries

Screenshot AirAudio stream music Premium v8.1.1 Full APK

AirAudio stream music Premium v8.1.1 Full APK AirAudio stream music Premium v8.1.1 Full APK

AirAudio stream music Premium v8.1.1 Full APK

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