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App Usage is the easiest to use but powerful application management app.
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App Usage v5.16 Pro APK Application Usage is the most effortless to utilize however incredible application/gadget use the executives application.

It gives the accompanying key highlights:

  • Application use history: accumulate the use time about applications that you utilized
  • Check telephone history: accumulate tallies of you checked the telephone
  • Action history: accumulate the time that you open applications
  • Area history: show applications you utilized at an area   App Usage v5.16 Pro
  • Notice history: show the time that applications posted notices
  • Battery history: show the battery use chart
  • Over-use update: remind when you spend on telephone or applications for quite a while
  • Lock mode: lock application settings and over-use update choices with a PIN
  • Most utilized applications – show most utilized applications on gadgets or a warning
  • Track all introduces: monitor all introduces and uninstalled applications
  • Application introduce update: tell when applications introduced and the outline of every day introduced applications
  • Oversee applications: 1-tap to uninstall applications, sort applications by different choices
  • Because of the limitation of Android, the application utilization must be followed when you are utilizing the application and screen is on.   App Usage v5.16 Pro


  • Do you know how long you spend on an application? Do you realize the absolute use season of a day or normal use season of an application?
  • It records the use season of applications by your favored arranging request. This utilization data is useful for you to check which applications ought to be uninstalled as they are not utilized. It can likewise be utilized for spying whether an application has been utilized by another person.
  • Do you know how often every day that you check your telephone?   App Usage v5.16 Pro
  • It shows the day by day tally that you checked your telephone in either a bar outline or schedule see.
  • Movement HISTORY
  • Do you know the time that you open Messaging or E-Mail application in a day?
  • It shows the time that you open an application in either a course of events or schedule see.
  • Notice HISTORY
  • It shows you the quantity of notices you got for every day and the time that an application posted the warning.
  • OVER-USE REMINDER   App Usage v5.16 Pro
  • It helps you to remember when you spend on telephone or applications for quite a while.
  • It shows a rundown of your most utilized applications on gadgets or framework warning. It’s a helpful method to rapidly begin the applications you utilize most habitually. The more you use it, the better it gets.
  • It tracks and records the historical backdrop of all introduced and uninstalled applications by your favored arranging request. It’s helpful for you to follow the number of applications refreshed in a day, and how continuous updates of an application.
  • Application INSTALL REMINDER
  • It reminds you when an application introduced and the synopsis of every day applications establishment.
  • Oversee APPS   App Usage v5.16 Pro
  • It records applications by application name, utilization time, access tally, update time or size, and permits you to uninstall applications effectively and rapidly.


  1. Telephone/App use, movement, check telephone, notice and battery history
  2. Every day utilization, over-use update
  3. Lock application settings and over-use update alternatives with a PIN
  4. Most utilized applications
  5. Fare/reinforcement/reestablish utilization information   App Usage v5.16 Pro
  6. Application establishment history
  7. Application introduce update
  8. Monitor uninstalled applications so you can introduce them later
  9. Root uninstaller, 1-tap to uninstall applications, established gadget required
  10. Add individual notes for each application
  11. Sort applications by name, use time, access check, update time or size
  12. Bunch clear applications reserve or information
  13. Simple inquiry applications by name
  14. This application gathers area information to empower the area history work in any event, when the application is shut or not being used.   App Usage v5.16 Pro
  15. Protection
  16. Your protection is vital to us, we comprehend this issue and will not gather/sell your use information
  17. We have been chosen as a Google I/O 2011 Developer Sandbox accomplice, for its creative plan and cutting edge innovation.
  18. On the off chance that you’d prefer to help the interpretation, if it’s not too much trouble, send me an email.

Mod Info of The application

Pro features unlocked   App Usage v5.16 Pro

How to Install

Download the APK From above Link
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App Usage v5.16 Pro APK

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