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pp Usage is a versatile and effective utility that allows users to track the overall progress or intensity of programs, apps, and other services on their device.
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App Usage v5.53 Mod APK

App Usage Manage/ Track Usage

  • App Usage is a versatile and effective utility that allows users to track the overall progress or intensity of programs, apps, and other services on their device. You can also track user usage time, Internet data consumed by each program, and more. Of course, the longer you use your device, the more you can set multiple access restrictions and create new notes and habits.

Detailed activity history

  • Application first impressions are the time spent using each program, application, and content over some time and time. Everything is fully connected. Even the user’s history is continuous to create a perfect and organized list with many different views. Fill in different categories  App Usage v5.53 Mod
  • If you want to know the total amount of time users spent using their devices over a certain period, you can split it into different categories. Statistics and summaries help users know their normal habits when using modern applications.

Track your location

  • The app’s tracking feature automatically lists all locations and apps used on an accurate and specific map. Users can change views to get more information and contribute to app usage reporting.

Beware of overuse

  • If users are accustomed to using the application for a long time, they can set the desired limits themselves. With a system that automatically blocks access to the app when the usage time of the day is exceeded, the effect of the parental mode is outstanding.  App Usage v5.53 Mod

Check internet consumption

  • The system automatically records and provides users with accurate information about Internet data consumption. All user activities such as watching videos, sending SMS, and browsing news feeds consume a lot of data. You can automatically adjust or limit your mobile data consumption.

Battery consumption

  • Battery usage is also closely monitored, excluding the consumption of each app compared to the last charge of the device. Users can turn off the most consuming apps and services or run them in the background to optimize their devices based on battery usage indicators.


  • App usage history: gather the usage time about apps that you used
  • Check phone history: gather counts of you checked the phone
  • Activity history: gather the time that you open apps
  • Location history: display apps you used at a location
  • Notification history: show the time that apps posted notifications
  • Battery history: display the battery usage graph  App Usage v5.53 Mod
  • Over use reminder: remind when you spend on a phone or app for a long time
  • Lock mode: lock app settings and over use reminder options with a PIN
  • Most used apps show most used apps on widgets or a notification
  • Track all installs: keep track of all installs and uninstalled apps
  • App install reminder: notify when apps are installed and the summary of daily installed apps
  • Manage apps: 1 tap to uninstall apps, sort apps by various options


  • We can track app usage to provide users with device information and recommend more processing tools for certain categories. You can also export all information in a special format for use in related documents.

Mod Info of The application

Premium features unlocked  App Usage v5.53 Mod

How to Install

Download the APK From above Link
install it on your device

App Usage v5.53 Mod APK

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How to install App Usage v5.53 Mod APK APK?

1. Tap the downloaded App Usage v5.53 Mod APK APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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