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HiPER Calc Pro is an advanced version of HiPER Scientific Calculator.
HiPER Development Studio
October 13, 2020
4.1 and up
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HiPER Calc Pro v8.0.5 Full Mod APK is a serious form of HiPER Scientific Calculator.

The mini-computer has up to 100 digits of significand and 9 digits of example. It recognizes rehashing decimals and numbers can be likewise entered as parts or changed over to portions.

You can compose articulations in a characteristic manner and watch your counts. The outcome is shown as a number, rearranged articulation and so forth

The number cruncher has a few designs reasonable for different screen sizes:

– “pocket” for little gadgets

– “minimized” for cell phones (in picture and scene direction) HiPER Calc Pro v8.0.5 Full Mod

– “extended” for tablets

A multiline show can be turned on in tablets to show the total history of figurings and to give access the past outcomes.

Clients can browse a few excellent subjects.

The mini-computer has a few capacities, for example,

– fundamental number-crunching activities including rate, modulo and nullification;

– divisions (in the articulation mode any articulation including settled parts can be entered as a numerator and a denominator);

– blended numbers; HiPER Calc Pro v8.0.5 Full Mod

– occasional numbers and their transformation to parts;

– boundless number of supports;

– administrator need;

– rehashed tasks;

– conditions HiPER Calc Pro v8.0.5 Full Mod

– factors and emblematic calculation;

– subsidiaries and integrals;

– diagrams of capacities and fundamental zone, 3D charts;

– count subtleties – broadened data about a computation like every single complex root, unit circle and so forth;

– complex numbers HiPER Calc Pro v8.0.5 Full Mod

– transformation among rectangular and polar directions

– progressed number activities, for example, irregular numbers, blends, stages, normal most prominent divisor, and so on;

– geometrical and exaggerated capacities;

– powers, roots, logarithms, and so on;

– degrees, minutes and seconds change; HiPER Calc Pro v8.0.5 Full Mod

– fixed point, logical and designing presentation design;

– show type as SI units prefix;

– memory activities with 10 expanded recollections;

– clipboard activities with different clipboard designs;

– result history;

– parallel, octal and hexadecimal numeral frameworks;

– consistent tasks;

– bitwise movements and turns; HiPER Calc Pro v8.0.5 Full Mod

– haptic input;

– in excess of 90 physical constants;

– change among 200 units;

– Reverse Polish documentation. HiPER Calc Pro v8.0.5 Full Mod

The number cruncher has numerous settings to deal with the full screen mode, decimal and thousand separators, and so forth

All highlights are depicted with an underlying assistance.

Mod info of the application

How to Install ?

Download the Apk from above Link
Install it on your device
Enjoy !

HiPER Calc Pro v8.0.5 Full Mod APK


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JiMODs – Whatsapp+ JiMODs [ Jimtechs Edition ]

What's new

- 8.0.3: ANS key returned to Shift+XY,M

- Equations (polynomial, exponential, trigonometric, ...)
- Systems of equations
- New detail: graph of equation
- New display settings: blinking cursor
- New expression setting: immediate evaluation can be turned off
- New button setting: system sound
- Improvements in performance and calculation


52284 - v8.50 40.25-20/10/2020


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