Simple Gallery Pro v6.9.2 Mod Full APK

Simple Gallery Pro v6.9.2 Mod Full APK

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Simple Gallery Pro v6.9.2 Mod Full APK Straightforward Gallery Pro is an exceptionally adjustable disconnected display. Sort out and alter your photographs, recuperate erased documents with the reuse canister, secure and shroud records and view an immense wide range of photograph and video arrangements including RAW, SVG and substantially more. The application contains no advertisements and pointless consents. As the application doesn’t require web get to either, your security is ensured.

Straightforward GALLERY PRO – FEATURES

• Offline display without any advertisements or popups

• Simple display photograph editorial manager – crop, pivot, resize, draw, channels and more

• No web access required, giving you more protection and security

• No superfluous authorizations required

• Quickly search pictures, recordings and documents

• Open and view a wide range of photograph and video types (RAW, SVG, all encompassing and so forth)

• An assortment of natural signals to effortlessly alter and sort out documents

• Lots of approaches to channel, bunch and sort records

• Customize the presence of Simple Gallery Pro

• Available in 32 dialects

• Mark records as top choices for fast access

• Protect your photographs and recordings with an example, stick or unique mark

• Use stick, design and unique mark to ensure the application dispatch or explicit capacities as well

• Recover erased photographs and recordings from the reuse receptacle

• Toggle perceivability of records to stow away photographs and recordings

• Create an adjustable slideshow of your documents

• View nitty gritty data of your documents (goals, EXIF values and so on)

• Simple Gallery Pro is open source

… and a whole lot more!


Basic Gallery Pro makes it simple to alter your photos on the fly. Harvest, flip, pivot and resize your photos. In case you’re feeling somewhat more imaginative you can include channels and draw your photos!


Not at all like some other exhibition watchers and photograph coordinators, Simple Gallery Pro backings a colossal scope of various document types including JPEG, PNG, MP4, MKV, RAW, SVG, Panoramic photographs, Panoramic recordings and some more.


From the UI to the capacity catches on the base toolbar, Simple Gallery Pro is very adjustable and works the manner in which you need it to. No other exhibition supervisor has this sort of adaptability! On account of being open source, we’re additionally accessible in 32 dialects!


Coincidentally erased a valuable photograph or video? Try not to stress! Straightforward Gallery Pro highlights a convenient reuse container where you can recoup erased photographs and recordings effectively.


Utilizing pin, design or your gadget’s unique mark scanner you can ensure and cover up photographs, recordings and whole collections. You can secure the application itself or spot bolts on explicit elements of the application. For instance, you can’t erase a record without a unique finger impression filter, shielding your documents from inadvertent cancellation.

Look at the full suite of Simple Tools here:

Independent site of Simple Gallery Pro:

Mod info of Simple Gallery Pro v6.9.2 Mod Full APK

• cleaned up resources;
• ARM only;
• Only “ru” and “en” languages;
• Removed lines: “About the program”; “Apply colors to all Simple applications”; “Buy Simple Thank You”.

Screenshots Simple Gallery Pro v6.9.2 Mod Full APK

Simple Gallery Pro v6.9.2 Mod Full APKSimple Gallery Pro v6.9.2 Mod Full APK

Simple Gallery Pro v6.9.2 Mod Full APK

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