Sleep Cycle alarm clock v2.0.1930 Pro APK

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Sleep Cycle alarm clock v2.0.1930 Pro APK presents sound examination – rest following with no compelling reason to put the gadget in bed.

Awakening MADE EASY

Rest Cycle is an astute wake up timer that tracks your rest examples and awakens you in light rest – the normal method to wake up, feeling rested and empowered.


As you rest, you experience distinctive rest stages, going from light to profound rest and back once more. The rest stage you are in when your alert goes off is basic for how worn out or rested you will fondle when you wake.

While you rest, your developments fluctuate contingent upon what rest stage you are in. Rest Cycle’s licensed innovation tracks your rest designs utilizing sound or vibration examination, observing your developments in bed all through the distinctive rest stages.

Rest Cycle finds the ideal time when you are in light rest to get you up early in the day, amid a predefined 30 minute time window that closures at your set alert time. Awakening in the lightest rest stage has a craving for awakening normally without an alert, abandoning you feeling rested and stimulated.

You should simply turn Sleep Cycle on before going to bed, and place your gadget on your end table or close by on the floor.


– Sleep investigation with Sleep Cycle protected sound innovation, or accelerometer

– Detailed rest insights and day by day rest charts

– Carefully chose alert tunes

– Snooze by shaking or twofold tapping the telephone softly

– Customizable wake-up window. From moment (standard wake up timer), up to a hour and a half.


– Longterm rest patterns

– Compare your rest information to world rest insights

– Sleep help – encourages you nod off simpler

– Sleep notes – perceive how occasions, for example, drinking espresso, push, working out, or eating late influence your rest quality

– Wake up temperament – perceive how Sleep Cycle influences your wake up state of mind

– Online reinforcement – gives you a chance to anchor your rest information on the web

– Export rest information to Excel for nitty gritty investigation


– Ability to charge your telephone by the bed

– Ability to put your telephone as per the guidelines (see screen captures)

What’s New

• Added app shortcuts – quickly launch an alarm directly from your home screen
• Updated notification UI
• Updated Sleep Cycle icon
• General bug fixes and improvements

Screenshot Sleep Cycle alarm clock v2.0.1930 Pro APK

Sleep Cycle alarm clock v2.0.1930 Pro APK Sleep Cycle alarm clock v2.0.1930 Pro APK

Sleep Cycle alarm clock v2.0.1930 Pro APK

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