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Sleep Cycle v3.8.2.4273 Premium APK descriptions: Awakening made simple.

Highlighted in: CNN, Wired, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, BBC, The New York Times and some more.

“It just works. Enough said. It does precisely what it publicizes which is totally astonishing.”

— 5/5 stars on

Rest cycle is constantly evaluated as the best keen morning timer, Sleep Cycle is currently the universes most utilized clever morning timer.

Rest Cycle screens your development during rest utilizing the very touchy accelerometer in your telephone.

At that point finds the ideal time to wake you up during a brief window that closes at your set caution time.

Take a gander at the screen captures for suggested telephone situation.

As you rest you experience various stages, going from profound rest to light rest. The stage you are in when your caution goes off is basic for how tired you will feel when you wake up.

Since you move diversely in bed during the various stages, Sleep Cycle can utilize the accelerometer in your telephone to screen your development and figure out which rest stage you are in.

Rest Cycle wakes you when you are in your lightest rest stage.

Rest Cycle was created utilizing demonstrated rest science and long stretches of innovative work.

Fundamental FEATURES of Sleep Cycle v3.8.2.4273 Premium APK

  • Waking up made simple! Rest Cycle examines your rest and wakes you in your lightest rest stage.
  • Detailed rest insights and rest diagrams for consistently.
  • 15 deliberately chose, great, caution songs.
  • Use your own music as wake up sound
  • Snooze by shaking or tapping the telephone gently.
  • Gustomizable wake up window. From moment (customary morning timer) as long as an hour and a half.
  • Background mode – set your alert and leave Sleep Cycle – rest examination will proceed out of sight
  • Sleep notes – perceive how occasions, for example, drinking espresso, eating excessively or having an upsetting day influence your rest quality
  • Long term diagrams – track rest quality after some time, see which days of the week you rest best and significantly more


Capacity to charge your telephone by the bed

Capacity to put your telephone as indicated by the directions (see screen captures)


– Fixed an issue with tap to snooze
– Fixed an issue with snooze sensitivity
– Various bugfixes
– Fixed an issue with sleep aid on some devices
– Updated support for various screen display settings
– Lots of smaller bugfixes and performance optimizations
No more phones in bed! We’re hard at work enabling our patented sound analysis technology for Sleep Cycle Android. Stay tuned!

Screenshots Sleep Cycle v3.8.2.4273 Premium APK

Sleep Cycle v3.8.2.4273 Premium APK Sleep Cycle v3.8.2.4273 Premium APK

Sleep Cycle v3.8.2.4273 Premium APK


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