WhatsApp+ JiMODs v4.16 [ Jimtechs Editions!]

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key Features of Whats App+ JiMODs

  • COLORFUL : Basically it is a customization WhatsApp where you can change lots of colors, sizes, and many other things.
  • EXTRA UPLOAD LIMIT : In addition you can increase upload media limit (stock limit is 16Mb) to send large music files or videos.
  • SEND ORIGINAL PIC : You can increase quality of pictures sent (by default resolution is decreased quite a lot)
  • AD FREE : No adds as per original WhatsApp
  • QUICK SHARE : You can share music just with one click.
  • PARTIAL COPY/PASTE : You can select the part you want to copy from text rather copying whole text and send it to people in your contact.
  • WATCH STATUS : You can directly watch status in the chat screen from WhatsApp+ JiMODs
  • HIDE PROFILE PICTURE : You can hide contact profile pictures and show phonebook pictures (in chat screen).
  • LOAD OF THEMES : Built-in theme viewer and downloader. Check WhatsApp+ users themes online and apply theme if you like.
Features version WhatsApp+ JiMODs:
– Hide the connection status
– Hide health Blue second and health
– You can download and install themes and change the interface version fully
– The ability to see pictures of Video, is loaded
– Add messages Balkarobat counter
– Add audio clips run without loading feature,
– Add hide secret talks EM,
– Add hide messages talks password feature,
– Full Control icons and icons notices
– Send videos size of up to 16 megabytes
– Color and sizes complete control Options
– Hide the date and name when you copy more than one message
– Supports voice calls

*Fix send Images and Messages
*Fix option 1.2.22
* Other fixes


Screenshot_2016-02-27-15-33-04Screenshot_2016-03-06-22-13-09 Screenshot_2016-03-08-18-36-04Screenshot_2016-03-06-22-17-14Screenshot_2016-03-06-22-24-25 Screenshot_2016-03-06-22-22-16 Screenshot_2016-03-06-22-22-32 Screenshot_2016-03-06-22-23-01 Screenshot_2016-03-06-22-23-05 Screenshot_2016-02-27-15-42-41Screenshot_2016-01-26-13-13-30Screenshot_2016-02-27-15-34-05Screenshot_2016-01-26-13-13-51Screenshot_2016-03-08-18-35-30








Version Size Requirements Date
v8.71 - - -


102 comments on "WhatsApp+ JiMODs v4.16 [ Jimtechs Editions!]"

  1. gjiroto says:

    A good work buut the “plus emojis”??? Where are

  2. Jayvee says:

    What about the +EMOJI TAB?

  3. Vignesh Raj says:

    Hi Jim, does + emojis updated in this version? That’s best and main highlight of your moded whatsapp… Kindly add it as soon as possible if it not added in this version.

  4. Vimal Bisht says:

    What is the difference between com.whatsapp and com.gbwhatsapp ?

  5. Jo says:

    please! again put the emoji of whatsaap plus! Please!

  6. nit says:

    Thanks jim new verson watsapp
    Pliss add function to hide profile pic.in contacts and mains chets screen for keep praivecy
    thanks thanks

  7. Karan says:

    Cant Send messages in groups…shows clock symbol….tick does not show up and messages never get delivered

  8. Piyush says:

    Sir What new in this….

  9. Maher says:

    Hey jim. Did u add the plus emojis?

  10. Anil Wankhade says:

    Hey jim. New verson4.16 is download but not install properly pls. Sen me solution

  11. Yash Karade says:

    No.. can’t install 2 what’sapp at a time

  12. Austin says:

    Why my anti virus
    Detects Trojan
    On this app

  13. andy says:

    hi jim
    when i get the upgrade found! popup
    the writing is not in english
    i have a sreen shot below


  14. eddy says:

    does not work on s7 edge

  15. Mario says:

    Excuse me Jim. Where can i find help to install dual whatsapp on my dual cellphone. Thank you very much!

  16. Emanuele Ronchi says:

    Great, great job!
    But why don’t you insert the capability of full change the size of writing and reading text? Small, Medium and Large size is not enough!
    Thanks to you a lot.

  17. nyari says:

    What happened to the +EMOJI’S?????????? please bring back the +EMOJI’S

  18. Farhan says:

    MOD 1.2.18 is not working when using WAMOD style entry. And thank u so much for fixing MOD 1.2.22. Everything else is working perfectly.

  19. swapnil says:

    Hey Mr.jim you work amazing…but I want manstred United theam..can u create that 1…,???

  20. Dee says:

    Hi Jim
    Thank you for the app. Can you please bring back ‘Back up to Google Drive’ …

  21. Dharam says:

    Hey jim am a big fan of your mods :).. please add the mod where you can adjust the
    Contact name on coversation screen and contact status on conversation screen to either left, right or centre please and if possible… freeze last seen

  22. kavi says:

    this version not installed in my samsung sgh i957….
    and in my intex aqua hd

  23. vikrant says:

    great work dude n I have a huge request of many boys like me pls provide GTA android app carck veraion

  24. Margolf says:

    Hi Jim,

    would it be possible to change first name, surname in the contact list. I hate to scroll through several Toms or Johns. It would be rather nice, when the contact list shows surname first. Thanx!!

  25. sam says:

    Wonderful whatsapp plus but will be the best if you add an option to change profiles shape (round or square)

  26. mst says:

    Hi jim thx gud job. Jim plz add whatsapp call recoding.

  27. Dinmohammad says:

    Great job brother thanks

  28. Jamdung says:

    Still having issues sending images

  29. Goutam says:

    Can it will work on iphone 5s 6 and 6s

  30. Abraham Orwah says:

    Hi Jim,goodwork done there but i keep getting the update,evrytime it downloads but fails to install could you kindly help please?thanks

  31. MoEn says:

    plus emojis?!where are they?!

  32. hzm says:

    Hi jim, i can’t copy messages from a chat to another with details like name and date . Everything else working perfectly thank you.

  33. Johnny says:

    Jim, I have the dame problem with the previous version… Dont send images

  34. Kev says:

    First off let me say Jim your doing a wonderful job and we all appreciate it alot!! My only question is when I change themes it doesn’t allow me to save the previous theme on my phone/sd card and as a result I have to go back into the download option again in order to change back to the previous theme. Can I save the themes on my device? Thanks a million bro!

  35. Kyle says:


    Can you update the other whatsapp+ (to have multiple whatsapp on on phone). They’re not working any more because of the recent update of whatsapp, thanks.

  36. Idrago says:

    Whatsapp web doesnt work as the camera is buggy whyever but only in Web option?

  37. Saquib Ali says:

    Hey jim… y r u ignoring emoji’s comments.. Its the main thing most of the people use your modded apk… i request u to reply me asap nd tell me when will u add emoji tab!…

  38. Sandeep Shah says:

    this version is not working on vivo v1.
    it says this application is not installed signature already found.
    i tried to uninstall pervious version but no result.
    please help..

  39. Rajal says:

    Hey jim i love your softwares but i am facing a problrm now. I am using infinix zero 2 with lolipop. Whenever i install any Rv version of whats app like 3rv or 5rv it works fine but any other like 4.16 ..4.15 or any other new or old version doesn’t install it say app not installed. Please help me with this

  40. Mahdi says:

    Hi Jim. I want install 2 whatsapp. Please Change package name. And add emoji+

  41. ablev says:

    Hallo, Jim!
    Love your nice whatsapp Version, but where is this option? :
    “HIDE PROFILE PICTURE : You can hide contact profile pictures and show phonebook pictures (in chat screen).”
    I can’t find it in chat screen.
    Hope, you can help me and sorry for my bad english.


  42. H s n says:

    Hello Jim,

    I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled WhatsApp and I still have the problem where I can’t send messages in groups, also I can’t send pics to some contacts.

  43. bahar says:

    hi boss
    long time search web issue please fix
    loyal fans say great job!

  44. Faisal Sabih says:

    Hi, great job. What’s the upload limit ?

  45. ChrisK says:

    where are the plus emojies Sir?

  46. kirankumar says:

    Hi great job what

  47. Mahdi says:

    And add emoji+

  48. Ham says:

    Work in note 5?

    Plez i need virsion for not 5

  49. Enmanuel says:

    the “plus emojis”??? Where are

  50. fabian says:

    Please add the whatsapp plus emojis “memes”

  51. MARINA says:

    Hello Jim

    It must be hard , if you so often have to give the same answers to be offensive without . Especially since many questions were answered by reading the previous comments or info – pops .

    VERY Good work and now…. Happy Easter

  52. Essie says:

    Hi Jim.. First of all i’d like to say, THANK YOU for your brilliance..
    Second, i recently uninstalled my whatsapp plus and when i tried to install it again, it says that the version went obsolete on a date that hasnt even passed.. Tried downloading again same problem.. Please help..
    Thank you for all your awesomeness again

  53. Essie says:

    Great job again

  54. daleg94 says:

    cant find the data file error during installation. . .how can i fix that. i want to restore my backup

  55. Estimé says:

    Cant install the update in my s6 edge

  56. Amit says:

    How can i update this application

  57. Hitesh Rathod says:

    This app is working nice but my original whatsapp and this whatsapp both cannot work in one device so please check this.

  58. Edwin says:

    Plz help i no longer get access to your whatsapp…..its say it has expired and it has not…plz give me the way forward

  59. priyank chauhan says:

    hi. jim
    i can’t install a new version of whatssapp. plz tell me nowvi what to do….. i use htc desire 526g+…. after installation i got caution.. like you haw allmost same name of whatsaap… so it’s not installetion

  60. Tarun says:

    Plus emoji plllleassseeee

  61. omar says:

    Am unable to send images from last night

  62. G'Bak says:

    Dude, loved ur work but request yu pls make a update with +emoji on this holi fest ;-)

    Thanks & HappY hOli

  63. Valentine says:

    Hi Jim com.gbwhatsapp told me to update and I downloaded the update about 5 times now and still it won’t install what should I do?

  64. Tim Hennrich says:

    Hi Jim,
    can you make this:

    “Thanks jim new verson watsapp
    Pliss add function to hide profile pic.in contacts and mains chets screen for keep praivecy
    thanks thanks”

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