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WhatsApp+ JiMODs v4.70 [ Jimtechs Editions!]

WhatsApp Messenger is a FREE messaging app available for Android and other smartphones. WhatsApp uses your phone’s Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to let you message and call friends and family. Switch from SMS to WhatsApp to send and receive messages, calls, photos, videos, documents, and Voice Messages.

Key Features of WhatsApp+ JiMODs

  • COLORFUL : Basically it is a customizable WhatsApp where you can change lots of colors, sizes, and many other things.
  • EXTRA UPLOAD LIMIT : In addition you can increase upload media limit (stock limit is 16 Mb) to send large music files or videos.
  • SEND ORIGINAL PIC : You can increase quality of pictures sent (by default resolution is decreased quite a lot)
  • AD FREE : No adds as per original WhatsApp
  • QUICK SHARE : You can share music just with one click.
  • PARTIAL COPY/PASTE : You can select the part you want to copy from text rather copying whole text and send it to people in your contact.
  • WATCH STATUS : You can directly watch status in the chat screen from WhatsApp Plus
  • HIDE PROFILE PICTURE : You can hide contact profile pictures and show phonebook pictures (in chat screen).
  • LOAD OF THEMES : Built-in theme viewer and downloader. Check WhatsApp+ users themes online and apply theme if you like.
  • NO BAN of any accounts.


  • Based on 2.16.133 ( Play Store )
  • Ban proof
  • Supports calls
  • Emojis Change !
  • Hide your ( last seen )
  • Zoom for profiles footage
  • Privacy mods
  • Themes mods
  • Theme Server ( to download/apply themes )
  • amendment ticks/bubbles vogue Mod
  • Counter statistics for teams
  • Media preview while not loading
  • Show Online/last Seen in Main Screen
  • Send video to size thirty MB rather than sixteen MB
  • Send ninety pictures right away rather than ten
  • amendment your standing and increase 250 characters rather than 139 characters
  • Ability to proceed links on chat screen while not save sender variety or cluster admin variety
  • Ability to press in links on your friends states
  • the chance of identifying between traditional messages and Broadcast messages
  • Hide the name and also the date once copy over one message
  • the chance of repetition friends standing
Change-log 4.70

* New Base Updated to 2.16.133
* Fixed Backup/Restore
* Fixed Sending All Types of Documents
* (Exclusive) Mod 6.10 – Create Shortcut with Your Name (Unlimited Shortcut Icons)
* Added Option to Change Quoted Message Color (Mod 1.2.49 to Mod 1.2.52)
* Fixed Cropping/Sending Video
* Fixed Crash for Custom Wallpaper
* Fixed App Lock when Opening from Notifications
* Fixed Turkish Translation
* Other Fixes

How to Install ?

  1. Uninstall any previous version of  WhatsApp+ JiMODs; if installed
  2. Download WhatsApp+ JiMODs apk.
  3. Install the apk.
  4. Put your number + activation.
  5. Enjoy the brand new WhatsApp+ JiMODs.

Video Guide


Screenshot_2016-02-27-15-33-04Screenshot_2016-03-06-22-13-09 Screenshot_2016-07-06-16-01-20Screenshot_2016-03-06-22-17-14Screenshot_2016-03-06-22-24-25 Screenshot_2016-03-06-22-22-16 Screenshot_2016-03-06-22-22-32 Screenshot_2016-03-06-22-23-01 Screenshot_2016-06-30-18-27-41Screenshot_2016-02-27-15-42-41Screenshot_2016-01-26-13-13-30Screenshot_2016-02-27-15-34-05Screenshot_2016-01-26-13-13-51Screenshot_2016-06-30-17-57-47 Screenshot_2016-06-30-17-56-57Screenshot_2016-06-30-17-58-04Screenshot_2016-07-06-16-01-32








78 comments on "WhatsApp+ JiMODs v4.70 [ Jimtechs Editions!]"

  1. Mings says:

    Everything open WA, there is notification “Upgrade found” appeared

  2. Quimicax says:

    Fix Update Popup Always Show In New Update.!

  3. Ujua says:

    thanks for the update, there is a serious problem, upgrade to continuously sample 4.70, but since this date.

  4. Ben says:

    Size of new version has increased .
    Earlier it was 19mb . Now its 29.97 mb

  5. Joevidi says:

    Thanx jim for this update.
    Everything seems to work fine again for me.

  6. Kerissa Allen says:

    Jim it’s saying initializing everyone I try to open whatsapp plus also new update pop up still happing

  7. ThanKs a Lot Jim Buddy…!!

    I Love Your Work,
    Thanks For Fixing The Pob Of Com.Whatsapp…

  8. Dinbom says:

    keeps initializing…hope u can fix that. other den that, it’s all good…thanks for the good work.

  9. Fako says:

    I’m using s7 edge. And the system found malware should I ignore it or uninstall?

  10. dharmendra says:

    Have you Fixed com.whatsapp folder name????

  11. Kyle says:

    Thanks for the new update, I was waiting at 4.55 for another stable version :)

    Can you add a theme search box so we can search for themes instead of that long scrolling? much appreciated!

  12. Max says:

    as usual Jim, you are the best. God bless… keep up the good work Jim

  13. juan carlos says:

    excelente jim siempre estoy pendiente de tu pagina sigue adelante Bendiciones¡¡

  14. Emanuele Ronchi says:

    Great job Jim!!
    Please help me to solve problems that I could not understand.
    I made backup of the chats and then I upgraded to 4.70, however, the resume of the conversations did not happen.
    Still, the keys (the button) in the Pop Up screen are the same black color as the background, although it was editing in the white color.
    Still again, why not allow us to enlarge the font of entered text and in the text chat?
    One last thing: your work is great, how can we offer you a beer?

    • Emanuele Ronchi says:

      great jim! after just a few hours you have solved the problem of non-functionality of the pop-up button. Now we look forward to the possibility of magnified input and chat characters sincerely, really many compliments

  15. karthick says:

    hi dude,
    i am an follower of ur website , but wanted to report you that after installing the WhatsApp+ JiMODs v4.70 and v4.68 am not able to restore the backup it shows error. kindly look into

  16. Sasa ElKholy says:

    Please Help!!!
    Smart Manager app (By Samsung)
    Say that the Whatsapp+ apj contains MALWARE!!!

    Please Help

  17. siddhartha ranjan das says:

    Kindly made the update easy which will patch up with the existing one in the device. The updated one has a new file always and have to reinstall and settings once again as a new.

  18. Akram says:

    Please in the next version add the plus emoji

  19. Guyerd says:

    There’s a bug in changing the wallpaper into default.
    It shows black background instead of the regular whatsapp wallpaper.
    Could you fix it?
    Thanks before

  20. Jordan says:

    Awesome work, just the pop up notification is bothering

  21. The Ghostface says:

    thanks jim.. you’re the best..

  22. Bernard says:

    Thank you for the fix, you are a champ!

  23. Shiivu 99 says:

    Where Is In App Emoji Changer ?
    Where Can I Find It ???

  24. Sameer says:

    Smart Manager app (By Samsung)
    Say that the Whatsapp+ app contains MALWARE!!!

    And my phone settings totaly changed.
    If someone calling me on phone. it shows the diffrnt name.

  25. sammy says:

    I really like this what’s app …thanks jim

  26. Nancy says:

    Ì really love the app but I’m having difficulty to upgrade

  27. Ntare says:

    Jim thanks the great work you re doing. But it seems some of the features ren’t working….. ie.:- 1.1.5, 1.1.6, 1.1.7 and 1.1.8 please check them out. Thx

  28. Daniel Páez says:

    Thanks for the uptdate! You’re now my Best friend

  29. Emmanuel Koroma says:

    I have tried to install this app on my TECNO phone, it could not install. It says conflicting signature of the same existing app after removing the original copy of whatsapp.

  30. Vincent says:

    How can I get this app twice on my phone, I tried to download the extra whatsapp that you posted by it says “expired”…. Any solution?

  31. ben says:

    When i click on reply it takes me to whatsapp instead Opening the the pop up chat

  32. Oscar says:

    I can use WhatsApp Web with this version?


  33. oawjama says:

    Hey jim thnks 4 the great work my phone (vivo v3 max) both com.whatsapp… N gbwhatt…… I are making crash

  34. Ali says:

    Is there a way to change background and icon colors for the lock screen, and also the JiMODs Header color? If not yet please consider it. Thanks!

  35. Albert says:

    Thanks very much for this application. Please I have a problem and needs a help out. My problem is I can’t update to the new version of V4.7. Please help out to enjoy the new update. Thanks

  36. Saimir says:

    Samsung security reportet a malware in this version.

  37. Harsh shah says:

    Hey jim plz update the hike version In dual mod nd base by whstaspp fetures..

  38. Henry Talent Shumba says:

    I can’t install this app. Just saying install not done

  39. Chris says:

    Jim, please help!
    Trying to install version 4.70 but my chat backup is not found…also after a few install tries I can’t get a sms verification… seems to lost everything….help!

  40. laura says:

    How can i set the options “hide last seen” and “change the proile picture” to see the photo saved in my phone for my contact? This app is excellent. Thanks for you great job!

  41. mike mugwede says:

    failed to update bt very excellent app

  42. moses says:

    That app is wow…. But am unable to update it… Help me

  43. mhene isaac b says:

    How do u update WhatsApp+ jimods

  44. Bastin says:

    Y there is 2 download link? Com.whatsapp and whatsapp..wich one is ur mod? Jim… And jim please add me in any of ur whatsapp group to stay touch in with you to be stay updated…my no. Is 9349173832

  45. Nikhil Maximus says:

    Unable to restore the backed up messages. So I went back to using whatsapp from playstore. Please release a new version soon, Jim. Thanks.

  46. masoud says:

    thank you.
    this is great!

  47. dennys padilla says:

    Started happen today when I open the app a message saying initializing shows up only way to get rid of is force closing App and restart it Amy idea what could be thanks

  48. Lokesh says:

    Hello Jim first of all thanks for this awesome what’s app
    Bro from last few updates I have noticed that archive chat option is disabled, can u plz bring it back or is it still there, then can u tell me where it is?

  49. Zalier says:

    Hi Jim, please add option to use old interface is more simple

  50. Cool Snowie says:

    Unable to send more then 1 video at a time. In next update expecting group link creation feature.

  51. smit says:

    Good App this app is so much help full

  52. Alex says:

    Hi Jim! First at all, congratulations for your work on every app! And second, please I need your help!! I can’t use the backup, I am on Android 6.0 and I wonder if maybe that could be the problem… I am not able to restore my old backup u.u please I need your help…

    • Dxkernel says:

      Install whatsapp don’t open it
      Then go to settings>apps ana give permission to whatsapp app then go back to whatsapp open and restore .

  53. Ozkr says:

    Good work, update when?

  54. AME says:

    Extraño los emojis anteriores!!
    La aplicación es magnífica!!


  55. mukesh kumar says:

    dear jim,

    I am fan of yours since begning when there was WHATSAPP+ you have really done a great work, thnx for that. I am using V 4.70, yesterday I was unable to send any image to any one even after removing privacy of blue ticks so I uninstall it and again installed it but after installing whenever I am opening GbWhatsapp it shows me a screen saying INITIALING please wait a moment and its taking very long time to open. Kindly fix it in your updates.

    NOTE:- I am using ONEPLUS X


  56. kups says:

    hi jim, may you include “my” online status on main screen header,


  57. When is the latest version of whatsapp

  58. Champak says:

    36 days gone and no update till now. This is the longest period without an update from Jim. :(

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