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Most of today’s smartphones have advanced features, along with unique interfaces and looks that easily attract users. However, they do have one major issue: their performance and battery life. Many users are always looking for devices with long battery life and fast charging in a short time. However, there are also many high-performance devices with low battery levels, causing many users to charge the battery regularly
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Accu Battery v1.4.2 b54 Mod APK Intended to keep your battery in the best shape you can  AndroidHeadlines

Accu Battery ensures battery wellbeing, shows battery use data, and measures battery limit (mAh) in view of science.


  • Batteries have a restricted life expectancy. Each time you charge your gadget, it destroys the battery, bringing down its absolute limit. Logical exploration shows that battery life expectancy can be stretched out up to 200%, when you charge your gadget to just 80%.
  •  Use our charge caution to draw out your battery life expectancy.
  •  Discover how much battery wear was suffered during your charge meeting. Accu Battery v1.4.2 b54 Mod


  • Accu?Battery estimates the genuine battery use utilizing data from the battery charge regulator. Battery utilization per application is controlled by consolidating these estimations with data on which application is in the forefront. Android figures battery use utilizing pre-prepared profiles that gadget makers give, similar to how much power the CPU employments. By and by notwithstanding, these numbers will in general be profoundly incorrect.
  • Monitor how much battery your gadget is utilizing
  •  Know how long you can utilize your gadget when it’s dynamic or in reserve mode
  •  Find out how much force each application employments.
  •  Check how regularly your gadget gets woken up from profound rest. Accu Battery v1.4.2 b54 Mod
  • Use Accu?Battery to locate the quickest charger and USB link for your gadget. Measure the charging current (in mA) to discover!
  •  Check how quick your gadget is charging when the screen is on or off.
  • Know what amount of time it requires to charge your telephone and when it’s done.
  • Features Accu Battery v1.4.2 b54 Mod
  •  Measure genuine battery limit (in mAh).
  •  Use the charge caution to delay battery life expectancy.
  • See how much wear your battery supports with each charge meeting.
  •  Look up the release speed and battery utilization per application.
  • Remaining charge time – realize what amount of time it requires before your battery is charged.
  • Remaining use time – know when you will run out of battery.
  • Screen on or screen off assessments. Accu Battery v1.4.2 b54 Mod
  • Check the level of profound rest, when the gadget is in reserve mode.
  • Ongoing warning for continuous battery measurements initially.
  •  Professional FEATURES
  •  Use Dark and AMOLED dark subjects to save energy.
  •  Access to recorded meetings more established than 1 day.
  • Detailed battery measurements in notice.
  •  No advertisements
  • We’re a little, free application designer with an attention on quality and energy for battery insights. AccuBattery doesn’t expect admittance to protection delicate data and doesn’t make bogus cases. In the event that you like the manner in which we work, uphold us by moving up to the Pro form. Accu Battery v1.4.2 b54 Mod

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Accu Battery v1.4.2 b54 Mod APK

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