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111 comments on "CONTACT"

  1. Malik says:

    Hey ,I am from Germany, thanks for you great blog ;)

    • MD NASIR HUSSAIN says:

      Thanking you for these awesome apks which i was searching for a long time.
      But i there is some problem in jtelegram running.
      As i have installed this but it is not connecting with server, it is only showing ‘connecting to proxy’ and ‘updating’ alternatively.
      Please suggest me a solution of this problem.

      I will be grateful to you.

      • Jim says:

        Please click on the proxy and disable it, and subsequently attempt to perform the action once more.

  2. stacey says:

    I luv ur apps.well done?

  3. hey i liked your website and loved it where you have good mod for apk and other stuff i would love to invite you to work with me on my blog and would also love to tell you how to earn better using your site.If interested you know where to contact me.

  4. harish kumar says:

    Love Ur Website.Thanks.Great Work.Keep Going.

  5. sabermx22 says:

    I am from irani, thanks for you great blog,very very goooood

  6. Hi, I’m from México!!! Your job is amazing, thank youuuuuuuuu!!!!

  7. George kan says:

    You’ve been putting on your website such an amazing apps but what we really need right now (if you can) a new update of clash of clans mod cause i’m and many others can’t etablish any connection to server please reply asap sir waiting for your response….

  8. Alireza says:

    Hi please mode contacts+

  9. Yash karade says:

    I love your blog… I think u should update your web script we new design and create a Tech app

  10. alim says:

    I love your blog…

  11. vaibhav says:

    Which is your best app to root the smartphone ?

  12. Peter Huizinga says:


    I love your apps but where can I find Whatsapp? Seems to have vanished.

  13. Chris says:

    Hey I’m all the way from South America. Love your site. Been downloading your apps for a while now. Recently one stopped working. The InstaLikes one. I noticed you haven’t posted an update for it in a while. Was wondering if you could fix/update it. Or maybe an alternative. Keep up the awesome work dude

  14. Peter says:

    Great Site and Work Man.

    My only wish is to deactivate the Whatsapp-Call.
    If there will be a possibility to do that it would be so nice. See ya.

  15. Alpesh Parmar says:

    Hey I m from India I love to use whats app +, now I have prob during downloading the themes. I have updated at V 4.55. Plz solve my prob as soon as possible . I can’t download the themse plz give me a suitable ans.

  16. shukla falguni says:

    It is a good watsappa for peaple

  17. Angélica says:

    The latest update of whatsapp, changes the profile photos of all contacts, please fix it !

  18. Saif says:

    Hi Jim,

    I appreciate your work and I have downloaded many apps from your site and the best of all is your whatsapp plus mod.
    I have request.
    Can you please mod the Airtel wynk music app for unlimited listening and unlimited download of songs.

  19. chandan says:

    Please create modded version for clash of clans…. thank you

  20. Michael says:

    A great app to add to the cracks is soundcloud+ which acts like OGinstagram where u can download songs

  21. Salil says:

    hi am in India very good

  22. sami akherati says:

    I translated whatsapp+ jimods string to persian
    How do I send to you that

  23. abbas says:

    Please mode Dummysprite for android

  24. Kerissa Allen says:

    Hey Jim your doing a great job .
    Question would you be able to do an model apk for hay day. It’s a farming game would love if u could so one that give unlimited diamonds.
    Thank you

  25. kikuk says:

    can you upload wo mic pro?

    thanks in advance

  26. Prateek says:

    Hello jimtechs,
    I want to run two whatsapp from two different number on same mobile.
    Please suggest some app for this
    I’ll be really thankful

  27. Stan says:

    Great site and work

    But can u add a search on the site and mayb a numeric page option??
    Going thru each one one by one is rough


  28. najm says:

    i need angry bird goal 0.4.9 +mod
    unlimit money

  29. Aradhna says:

    i need redbus app to mod with low prices booking….

  30. Ehsan says:

    Hi jim bro please mod bomber friends game

  31. qui says:

    Hey… am experiencing some delays when receiving and sending messages. Kindly advise on this

  32. shahnavaz says:

    Hay day game modaded please

  33. Farhan says:

    Can your find for me mobile legends:bang bang modded apk (radar hack)

  34. Peter Huizinga says:

    I am currently using your Whatsapp version 5.20. Gorgeous app, thank you. The only thing is: in the theme settings the NavBar color in the Main Chat Screen doesn’t work anymore. Nav Bar stays black and I do not particularly like that.

  35. Gigaset says:

    Hi, thanks for the great app.
    i just installed Whatsapp v5.26, works great, except when i try to open the camera, it just crashes. my device is Samsung J5 (SM-J500F), running Android 6.0.1

    is there probably a setting i can adjust to fix this?

  36. Thank you man please can you modded tapet premium apk latest version for me

  37. meidydoang says:

    hi jim brilliant concept for whatsapp thanks

  38. maryam says:

    im from iran . ur are a big man

  39. Paradise says:

    Jim thanks for your great apps…. can u plz modify the book of Mormon , so we can listen the audios offline…..

  40. Nik says:

    Thanks for those great whatsapp. I pretty it will more better if you fix the spotify. My phone can’t work with it

  41. cornelia says:


    How are you doing today.

    Can I interest you regarding an app content?

  42. AL BAYAN says:

    Good App. I enjoy using it.
    But I have one problem, I’m using Techno L8 Lite I don’t get notifications whenever a message is sent. Unless I open the app before I receive the message.
    Pls any help?

  43. channation10 says:

    Hola Jim, great blog, thanks for share, the foobar 2000 app, You Maybe Will post un tour blog? Salute from México

  44. Payas Telang says:

    Hey jim, can you please mod the app ‘headspace’? This is a wonderful app for meditation but all other mods on the internet arent useful. Please make all the packs and the seasion in your mod available..
    This was just a request from your follower.. you are doing a wonderful job mate! Loved your whatsapp recently.. its good that the update popup doesnt appear! I can update whenever i want.. cheers mate!

  45. franklin says:

    Hi Jimy,
    I can help you for whatsapp+ translation to Turkish if you want.

  46. Ayodele says:

    Hey Jim, bro nice job you doing man kudos… Plss I just ddownloaded your latest update on WhatsApp + the whatapps version I meant… I found it difficult to change my theme after I downloaded the theme app, I discovered that after applying any of the themes, it doesn’t apply or rechange still stays as default.. But same issue doesn’t apply to the Gbwhatsapp and the Jw-whatsapp… I do something to WhatsApp+ version plss and its also shows ads… Pls fix
    Keep the great work on kudos once again.. Pls reply my complain via my Gmail address thanks

  47. Avijit Bose says:

    Please upload colouring book for me and mandala paid apk. Please please please jim. I’m requesting you.

  48. El trappo II says:

    Hey Jim. All way from Kenya..big fan.
    Was requesting can you make us the Tinder full apk please. Will very much appreciate,!!
    Good work!

  49. Lena says:


    Please i really need your help , i have download JTWhatsup from your website and everything is great about it but every morning or sometimes during the same day when i open it i will find some messages deleted by itself from certain chats and i am sute that the othet recipient didnt delete it or anything

    The deletion is done after quite a time

    Please reply me back quickly

    Thank you


  50. Gerardo says:

    Hi Jim! thanks for your work! can you do an android app to notify us update from your blog? (sorry for my bad english!)

  51. Ohene says:

    Hi Jim I would be pleased if you could upload Badoo mod apk for me.
    Thanks for your great works.

  52. Jociley Reis says:

    First, thanks! JTWhatsapp is really great! How can I back up to Google Drive?

  53. Messi4eva says:

    Hi. Thx 4 ur great job. Can u pls upload remote play ps4 version 5.2 .thx man

  54. Rahul KUMAR says:

    Sir i love ur apps plzz make nova mpl mod apk plz

  55. James says:


    Do you accept guest posts? If yes, I’ll provide you a well-written article and 100% related to your website niche:
    Looking forward to a positive response.


  56. Ka says:

    Can you mod applications as whatslog or whatsagent or waradar? We really need them and I only trust your site. Ty im advance

  57. Mervin says:

    I am new to ur whatsapp mod. I tried it and love it.

    However I am having 2 big problems with it.

    1st, the clear log is bugged. I can’t clear chat totally. It will crash the app.

    2nd, my whatsapp notification is not working well at times. I have to open whatsapp periodically to check for msges. I have already turn off battery optimization for this app but it still continues to not have notifications at times.

  58. Sandeep says:

    Can u make mod apk for ludo king

  59. Sarang sarki says:

    How to unhide chat ?????

  60. Anwar Shaikh says:

    Issues Regarding The Messages!
    If Any Body Sends Me Messages It Can’t Shows That Time
    It Shows 5 To 10 Minutes Later
    Or Even Sometimes 30 Minutes Later
    FIX It!

  61. Atul says:

    Hi team…
    WhatsApp v 8.31 (current) status only 15 sec. 5 minutes mod also Not working. Please fix it..

  62. Vinit says:

    Hiii pls upload God of Olympus mod apk , i want this the game really badly…. please upload fast…

  63. Audry Woodward says:


  64. Manu says:

    today I got a big problem with GBWhastapp: when I try to launch the app, it says “This WhatsApp’s version is expired on August 12th, click here to download the last version”, so I tried to do it, but when I installed the app, it says the same thing. What can I do?

  65. Elyor says:

    Hi Jim. Really love yr blog. Please can u do the CHROMA LAB? Thanks

  66. O GB é ótimo, gosto muito dessa versão, obrigada.

  67. Curran says:

    Best apps but a problem is that how can i recover previous version chats ,data from jt whatsapp

  68. MR says:

    You’re amazing man. Great stuff and work.

    Is it possible to send requests for Apps?

  69. jenser says:

    WhatsApp Version 8.85
    In this version there is unfortunately no German language in the settings, a shame :-(
    otherwise very good job

  70. Rohan says:

    I have been unable to send messages using the latest version of whatsapp

  71. Aref says:

    hi thanks for everything jim god bless you

  72. Sossou Arnold says:

    Super bien à utilisé.

  73. Très bon a utilisé .

  74. Exelente 03 17 2022 cristian

  75. Mike [email protected] says:

    Greetings from DRC – Goma!

    We are delighted with your work and we really appreciate all the efforts you put into it

    Keep it Up. Always here to support you!

    [email protected]

  76. carolina says:

    Hello. I love it but there is something I don’t know how to do. Can I see others “online” but not have them see when I’m “online”? I only got it not to be seen when I’m online but I also don’t see when the other person is online

  77. David says:

    Está excelente está actualización

  78. Sonu says:

    This App is awesome. I am using this from.
    Just one query when I reinstall this app or change the phone so it’s automatic left from all WhatsApp group .
    Please help me.


  79. Evelyn says:

    Hi Jim, I love your app but after the last 2 updates, I can’t copy / save others status. I can’t even with the new update. Kindly work on it. Thank you

  80. Asad says:

    Hi Jim, I love your app but after the last 2 updates, I can’t copy / save others status. I can’t even with the new update. Ik so worried about this problem Kindly work on it. Thank you

  81. Vinayak says:

    Set my name on home screen in jtwhatsapp is not working it shows “open settings page” instead of my name

  82. Gabriela says:

    Me gusta esta aplicación

  83. johnnkrish says:

    hi I need Aha Mod Apk

  84. Omprakash hada says:

    Dear sir please update jimod WhatsApp WhatsApp issue not opening WhatsApp status not working properly

  85. nihat says:

    Is it possible to crack the latest version of tivimate?

  86. Mohammed Ajaz Ahmed says:

    Sir, Your JTWHATSAPP are very useful great application I love to use it, in the version 9.52 I can’t share the Location from my android device, it is hanging out, it’s showing JTWhatsApp is can’t response please help me for my issue.

  87. Mohammed Ajaz Ahmed says:

    Sir, I am using your JTWhatsApp it great application the best in all social media, in the latest version I can’t share location from my android device it will crashes can’t work, please fix it for me, for my problem.


  88. Tim says:

    Thank you very much for the site it is perfect
    I would be happy if you could also put the game on Brawl Stars
    Thank you very much?

  89. Nekrodamus says:

    Iam from Argentina. Excellent!
    I have known this website for some years, never had any problems, highly recommended.

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