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BT USB TCP Bridge v4.5 Mod APK This application behaves like a correspondence span between 2 gadgets of following kinds

SPP (Serial Port Profile) bluetooth gadgets

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) gadgets


  • This application behaves like a correspondence span between 2 gadgets of following kinds
  • SPP (Serial Port Profile) bluetooth gadgets   BT USB TCP Bridge v4.5 Mod
  • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) gadgets
  • USB gadgets (upheld: CP210x, CDC, FTDI, PL2303 and CH34x chips)
  • TCP server: application can make listening TCP server attachment to which you can associate TCP customer running on far off gadget
  • TCP customer: application can associate with listening TCP server
  • Regular gadgets are miniature regulators with a bluetooth module (like HC-06(SPP), BT09(BLE) and so on… ), USB to chronic converters, other Android gadgets with bluetooth terminal applications, gadgets running TCP customers/servers, and so forth Assuming you want Bluetooth terminal application, attempt Bluetooth Commander application. Free on Play Store.


  • Approaching transmission from one associated gadget is retransmitted to second associated gadget as well as the other way around. You can change this conduct to one directional exchange, for instance just from gadget A to gadget B. Bidirectional retransmission is default and can be changed during dynamic transmission.  BT USB TCP Bridge v4.5 Mod
  • Interfacing with SPP gadgets
    Click Connect/Listen and choose gadget from the rundown of matched gadgets. Ensure other gadget is tuning in for approaching associations. You can likewise instate association from distant gadget. In such case utilize long snap on Connect/Listen button which makes listening SPP port.
  • Associating with BLE gadgets (just as gadget A)
    Scan&Connect begins checking for adjacent BLE gadgets. In the event that BLE gadget is observed it is naturally associated. Recover rundown of all attributes from gadget by clicking Read information. One trademark from the rundown of recovered attributes can be utilized for getting and transmission (one Rx+Tx trademark), simply click on trademark which you need to utilize.  BT USB TCP Bridge v4.5 Mod
  • Associating with USB gadgets
    Your telephone should uphold USB OTG work. A few telephones recognize more than one USB gadget, all things considered you really want to attempt which one is the right one by changing boundary USB#. Following boundaries are upheld: Baud rate[bps], information bits, equality, stop bits, stream control. Stream control is carried out for CP2102, FTDI and CH34x chips.

Opening TCP Server

  • Application can make listening TCP Server attachment (you can indicate port number). You can associate with it from far off gadget utilizing TCP Client.
  • Ensure your firewall permits such associations. This variant permits association of one TCP customer.
  • TCP Client
  • Application has additionally TCP customer, which can associate with listening TCP server. Not surprisingly, you simply need to determine server IP and port number. In the event of interfacing with PC ensure firewall is set up appropriately.
  • Unsupported
    Sadly, gadgets like headsets and bluetooth speakers are not viable with this application, since they utilize diverse bluetooth profile, neither SPP, nor BLE.
    Need in excess of a basic extension between two devices?Try our Bluetooth Splitter Pro, which can part/multiplex bluetooth streams between ace gadget and different far off gadgets. It can likewise interface with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy/Bluetooth Smart) gadget. Presently accessible on Google Play.

Mod Info of The application

Pro features unlocked  BT USB TCP Bridge v4.5 Mod

How to Install

Download the APK From above Link
install it on your device

BT USB TCP Bridge v4.5 Mod APK

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How to install BT USB TCP Bridge v4.5 Mod APK APK?

1. Tap the downloaded BT USB TCP Bridge v4.5 Mod APK APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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