Celestial Navigator v4.4.1 Paid Full APK

Celestial Navigator v4.4.1 Paid Full APK

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Celestial Navigator v4.4.1 Paid Full APK Heavenly Navigator is an unquestionable requirement have application formariners and some other individual intrigued by divine navigation. It highlights an ascent set and merpass number cruncher, a line of position and compass mistake including gyro adding machine , a divine fix mini-computer (with auto keep running up and dead retribution), a chronicle ofsun, moon, planets and 58 navigational stars.It bolsters the three most generally utilized navigational techniques for estimation of lines of position for example block, long by chronometer and scope by meridian height.

It additionally includes a genuine breeze number cruncher (provide wind speed and guidance, dew point and relative mugginess), an estimated time of arrival adding machine (different outcomes are appeared at once relying on the client settings), a cruising mini-computer highlighting incredible circle and Mercator cruising mini-computers alongside moderate point mini-computer.

It likewise shows the gadget’s position (lat, since a long time ago, speed, machine gear-piece) from the GPS and the compass heading.

The precision of the outcomes showed has been completely tried with the US naval force site, the nautical chronicle of 2013.The resultsare with in 10-15 seconds which is exact enough for ocean.

If you don’t mind read the assistance cautiously.

The application contains can send out the chronological registry information and divine perceptions information to the outside SD card.

Screenshots Celestial Navigator v4.4.1 Paid Full APKk

Celestial Navigator v4.4.1 Paid Full APK

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