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Chat Ai Assistant - Now AI is a powerful AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT & GPT 4 API and NowAi.v2 algorithm
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Nov 14, 2023
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Discover NowAI Premium Unlocked v4.1.0.0 MOD APK (GDT) – Your Ultimate AI Chat Assistant

NowAI (GDT) – Your Premier AI Chat Assistant

Introducing NowAI (GDT), the ultimate AI chatbot and writing assistant, powered by advanced ChatGPT & GPT4 technology. With our simple, user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly access a wealth of information and enjoy seamless interactions. Explore the world of NowAI and unlock its incredible features for an enhanced experience.

Key Features:

  1. Powered by Cutting-Edge ChatGPT Technology: NowAI leverages the latest ChatGPT technology from OpenAI (GPT 4 API) to provide you with unparalleled conversational experiences.
  2. Unlimited Free Chat: Chat endlessly and receive answers to any queries you may have without restrictions.
  3. Multi-Language Support: NowAI supports over 100 languages, making it a global companion for users worldwide.
  4. Chat History Recall: NowAI retains your complete chat history, ensuring you never miss a beat during your interactions.

NowAI (GDT) – Your Intelligent AI Writing Companion

One of NowAI’s standout features is its proficiency as an AI writer. Trained extensively through machine learning with vast datasets, it excels at comprehending and responding to a wide range of questions. This makes it an ideal personal AI assistant, capable of engaging in natural and human-like conversations. Whether you seek information, assistance with tasks, or simply wish to chat about various topics, NowAI (GDT) is your quick and accurate conversational partner. Easily share responses generated by the AI chatbot, making information sharing a breeze.

Expertise Across Various Fields:

  • Legal Insights: For legal advice or inquiries about contract laws, NowAI (GDT) has you covered with instant responses.
  • Educational Assistance: Seek clarification on historical events, math problems, or environmental issues, and our education experts will provide the answers you need promptly.

NowAI (GDT) – Your Adaptive AI Talking Companion

NowAI excels at understanding user preferences and adapts its responses accordingly. By using machine learning algorithms to learn from interactions, it becomes increasingly attuned to your needs and communication style. While it does require an internet connection, NowAI offers convenience and supports multiple languages, allowing for effective communication in diverse contexts. It can even be your virtual chatbot boyfriend, providing companionship whenever you need it.

Caring and Considerate:

NowAI (GDT) also cares about your well-being, offering a night mode to protect your eyes during nighttime usage.

In summary, NowAI (GDT) – AI Chat, AI Assistant offers an advanced and user-friendly way to interact with an AI chatbot. Download the app today to enjoy support for work or study tasks, get answers to life’s questions, and even find a special soulmate in this personal AI assistant. Your writing skills will improve as you engage with this incredible tool. We are committed to continuous improvement and value your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to leave comments and 5-star reviews.


  • This app is not officially affiliated with any third-party app or company and serves as a mobile interface to interact with the AI Chatbot.
  • Please note that this app utilizes OpenAI’s GPT4 model and specializes in the NowAi.v2 algorithm.
  • We prioritize user privacy and do not collect or store any data used in the app.


  • Premium Unlocked
  • Unlimited Chat
  • Pro Unlocked
  • AD Free

NowAI Premium Unlocked v4.1.0.0 MOD APK

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How to install NowAI Premium Unlocked v4.1.0.0 MOD APK APK?

1. Tap the downloaded NowAI Premium Unlocked v4.1.0.0 MOD APK APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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