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Cover Fire 1.3.7 Mod Money Vip APK Lead your detachment of saints to a war against Tetracorp company in the best shooting amusement. Construct your cutting edge system in the war zone and execute your foe from all sides. Face boundless operations activity in the online competitions amusement mode.Take your weapons from an executing armory and step up your officers with one of a kind shooter aptitudes. Do you acknowledge the test?

– “Gathering of people CHOICE AWARD: BEST IN SHOW” Winner at the INDIE PRIZE in Berlin 2017 –

It is safe to say that you are the Hero or the Target in this world war?

COVER FIRE FEATURES Cover Fire 1.3.7 Mod Money Vip APK

– The New Shooter encounter. Join the resistance and Command this upheaval like a genuine war saint. Take your weapon, hit the adversary armed force with a hail of slug, explosives, enormous firearms. Discharge the Fury of this War!

– Modern CONTROL that present to you a UNIQUE and immersive FEELING. Associate your finger to the trigger. PRESS and SHOOT!

– HD Graphics with DESTRUCTIBLE ENVIRONMENTS, point by point scenes brimming with particles and grapeshot.. Everything interfaces with you and your warriors.

– Become a genuine veteran officer in the ONLINE TOURNAMENTS MODE, place yourself in an excited and dynamic enterprise with NON STOP ACTION against different professional killers players. Don’t quit shooting with the best commando and rifleman mission diversion.

– Supply yourself with a HUGE REAL ARSENAL. You have never observed so reasonable firearms in shooter amusements: guns, shotguns, rifles, expert riflemen, grenades… feel like a genuine forefront commando!

– Face the war zone from alternate points of view. Interchange among your hired fighters in REAL-TIME, locate a definitive blend to win the war in a definitive killing amusement.

– Set up your ASSASSIN SOLDIER squad with their one of a kind abilities: programmer, expert sharpshooter, annihilation man… Open new EPIC CHARACTER like the bazooka-man or the gunslinger! Have you at any point seen an inflatable dinosaur on the combat zone?

TETRACORP is involving a few zones over the planet stifling the towns, assuming control over their assets, and controlling each and every correspondence. Another resistance has conceived and it’s time to kill this hazard.

Listen the obligation at hand. Set your unit of hired soldiers and begin the voyage to fight, prelude of the greatest war the Earth has ever observed. The disclosure of another material, the component 115, it can choose the destiny of the humanity and it can not fall in the hands of Tetracorp.

In Cover Fire you will be the legend who lead a squad of veterans through attacked urban communities, betrays and fields taken by guerrillas, and thrashing all sort of adversaries in the war amusement with the greatest realistic, most noteworthy weapons store and the best gameplay on the store.

A definitive war understanding. Instinctive controls intended to make a completely immersive sensation. Seek shelter, point, shoot and dispense with this peril. Don’t let the fear based oppressors claim the world in the best military shooter amusement ever!

As the pioneer of the resistance, you will confront the armed force of the adversary corp: first class warriors, deadly unique units, mechs with invulnerable shields, capable tanks… Take the control of the combat zone, manage the contention as a genuine war machine. Turn into the legend of this world war in the most addictive fps multiplayer.

– Challenging Story mode. Battle against Tetracorp and lead a hired fighter revolt on each mission. The best gameplay in the most captivating shooting diversion ever.

– Feel the new experience one of a kind in shooter amusements. Press the screen, pull the trigger and make a headshot. Devastate and demolish all the terrible folks with your intense weapons and your very much gathered group of legends!

– Upgrade the aptitudes and capacities of each individual from your band: make them speedier, more grounded, more deadly. Outfit them with the best weapons and apparatuses. Step up your commando squad and lead them to triumph.

Boundless shooter activity!

Will you have the capacity to destroy every one of the adversaries in this wicked war? Welcome to the Resistance. Welcome to Cover Fire.

What’s New

– Fixed zombie event
– Removed Hard Mode and re-balanced rank
– Now your combat level defines the difficulty level of the mission
All currency spend to increase

Screenshot Cover Fire 1.3.7 Mod Money Vip APK

Cover Fire 1.3.7 Mod Money Vip APK Cover Fire 1.3.7 Mod Money Vip APK

Cover Fire 1.3.7 Mod Money Vip APK

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