Days After Free Craft Immortality MOD APK

Days After is a zombie survival game in which you have to face the most terrible consequences of the zombie apocalypse: hunger, infection, raiders, and hordes of undead. Stay alive in the dawn of zombies, learn the rules of survival and fight back against the monsters on Doomsday. Get ready for fighting, shooting, building, crafting, and action adventure game. Mist survival is waiting for new heroes!
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May 24, 2021
Dec 11, 2023
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Days After Free Craft Immortality v10.7.0 MOD APK: Ultimate Zombie Survival Game

Discover Days After on Jimtechs

At Jimtechs, we are thrilled to introduce “Days After,” a gripping zombie survival game. It’s not just about surviving; it’s about facing the grim realities of a zombie apocalypse. With Days After, you’ll delve into a world where every decision matters, and your survival skills are put to the ultimate test.

The Harsh Reality of Days After

Survival Against All Odds

Days After throws you into the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. Here, survival is a constant battle against hunger, infection, raiders, and relentless undead hordes. Each day brings new challenges, and your ability to adapt is crucial.

Your Survival Journey

Fight, Build, and Conquer

In Days After, you’ll:

  • Choose and Upgrade Your Hero: Pick your survivor and enhance their skills to the max.
  • Survive in a Fading City: Scavenge for resources and fight for your daily subsistence.
  • Build Your Safe Haven: Create a shelter free from infection, craft weapons, and prepare defenses.
  • Battle Against All: Face wild animals, bandits, and endless zombie waves.
  • Find Allies and Pets: Forge friendships and nurture a loyal companion.
  • Explore a Ravaged World: Unravel the mysteries of this post-apocalyptic landscape.

The World of Days After

A Land of Desolation and Danger

Humanity’s last day has passed, and the world is now a wasteland overrun by the infected. As one of the few survivors, your quest for food, water, and shelter in a decaying city is fraught with danger. Every moment in this brutal world is a fight for survival.

An Immersive Survival Experience

Realistic and Engaging

Days After is more than a game; it’s a survival simulator that immerses you in the harsh reality of a zombie-infested world. Accept the challenge and show your prowess in staying alive among the undead.

The Rules of Survival

Harsh Reality in a Dead World

In this apocalyptic world, every mistake could be your last. Survival is the only state of existence. You’re not alone in this struggle; complete quests for allies, gain rewards, and find love amidst the chaos.

Life After the Apocalypse

A Test of Endurance

Surviving in Days After is a relentless challenge. You’ll face hunger, thirst, extreme conditions, and a mysterious virus. Different types of zombies will keep you on your toes, testing your survival instincts at every turn.

Days After Features

Rich and Dynamic Gameplay

  • Open World Zombie Game: Explore a vast world with PvE survival gameplay.
  • Post-Apocalyptic Setting: Experience the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse.
  • Diverse Locations: Traverse cities, wastelands, forests, and radiation zones.
  • Thrilling Zombie Battles: Fight against bosses and hordes in survival shooting scenarios.
  • Online Interaction: Engage with other players through chat and item exchange.
  • Skill System and Crafting: Develop your character and build your stronghold.
  • Quests and Allies: Embark on missions and form alliances for survival.
  • Regular Events: Participate in competitions and events for rewards.
  • Realistic Survival Elements: Experience a true survival simulator.

Join the Fight for Survival

Prevent the Doomsday

Join the last stand against the undead in “Days After.” Fight off the walking dead and save humanity from impending doom. Let’s survive together in this intense zombie game!


  • Free Craft
  • Immortality
  • Dumb Enemy
  • Fast Travel

Days After Free Craft Immortality v10.7.0 MOD APK

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What's new

We’ve introduced daily competitions. Participate in them by bringing down enemies, earning more rewards and competing for a higher place in the leaderboard.
With 4 and 5-star weapons, you can defeat old bosses with new difficulty levels, earning more precious resources.
To improve your gaming experience, we’ve made some balance tweaks: Spruce Grove and Rocks are bringing more resources now, dead enemies don’t disappear after leaving the location and more.



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