Flux – Substratum Theme v3.5.0 Full APK

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Flux – Substratum Theme v3.5.0 Full APK descriptions: It is planned with pixel culminate accuracy to give your telephone a totally new current look and feel! With superb vector illustrations and brimming with highlights, you will appreciate utilizing your telephone! There is additionally a cm topic motor form accessible here: https://goo.gl/PlbP1M.

To apply Flux you should download the Substratum application! (requires root!)

• https://goo.gl/HoqfjS

Works with Android 7.0/7.1.1 with OMS bolster. It likewise takes a shot at stock/heritage rom too yet a few symbols may not be themed. Works with all DPI sizes!


• Make beyond any doubt you are continually utilizing the most recent rendition of your rom so you can remain state-of-the-art!

• How to apply Flux overlays?

– Go to Substratum application, open the cabinet, select defaults chief and after that reestablish framework subject. Presently open Flux and select all overlays flip, open skimming activity catch and select Build and Enable.

• Having issues with notices not showing effectively?

– Restart and handicap the dynamic warnings shading in settings, in the event that you have this alternative.

• After refreshing Flux, now and again you may need to choose overlays > assemble and refresh.

• Some of your settings symbols are simply blue circles or imperceptible?

– This happens in light of the fact that the rom you are utilizing does exclude the most recent patches for the symbols to be themed. You can contact your rom dev to incorporate the most recent substratum patches.

• If your rom has a dim mode choice in settings, turn it off.

• Restart your telephone after each refresh is exceedingly proposed.

• More roms support will accompany future updates.

• Updated your rom?

– Sometimes you have to expel and excellent root consents to apply overlays.

• Weird symbols and foundation hues?

– Probably overlays did not make a difference accurately, attempt to re-apply and restart.

• Your telephone stuck in boot circle?

– Go to your recuperation and blaze the protect zips situated in Substratum envelope.

• Battery symbol can’t be themed in qs board. You can move it as your seventh symbol so it doesn’t appear in the main line or you can utilize the circle battery style from settings.

• Don’t overlook you should be associated with the web to apply overlays.

What’s new

• Added grey accent
• Themed google photos (4.0.0)
• Fixed:

  • contacts (3.0.7)
  • whatsapp (2.18.267)
  • wallpapers not loading

• Improved:

  • substratum
  • youtube vanced (non rooted)
  • google plus (10.14)

• Misc ui fixes and improvements

Screenshot of Flux – Substratum Theme v3.5.0 Full APK

Flux – Substratum Theme v3.5.0 Full APK Flux – Substratum Theme v3.5.0 Full APK

Flux – Substratum Theme v3.5.0 Full APK

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