GCam Tool v2.10 Pro Full APK

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GCam Tool v2.10 Pro Full APK consequently moves photographs taken with Google Camera to any envelope you need, even memory card. It can forestall flipping of selfies with the goal that the front camera photograph is spared simply like how you see it in the review.

It additionally consequently moves representation photographs taken with Google Camera, to the right display area. Here’s the means by which it works:

When you take a picture photograph (with DSLR like obscured foundation) with Google Camera, it takes the photograph in burst mode – one consistent photograph and one obscured photograph. These photographs are spared in another organizer (made each time you take a photograph) inside your photograph exhibition.

GCam Tool v2.10 Pro Full APKl just moves the photographs you need (general, picture or both) to the area you pick and erases the rest.

? Prevent flipping of front camera photographs

? Choose which photographs you need to move

? Select custom source and goal envelopes

? Batch move different records

? Rotate selfies facilitate for Xiaomi telephones

? Option to erase the sub envelope made by Google Camera

Download GCam Tool today and streamline sorting out photographs taken with Google Camera!

Every now and again Asked Questions

Forestall front camera flipping isn’t working

After you take a front camera photograph, please check it in an outsider exhibition application like QuickPic or Piktures. The exhibition in Google Camera is here and there ease back to invigorate the flipped picture. Be that as it may, truly the picture must be flipped accurately.

Photographs are not moved despite the fact that the alternatives are empowered

This could again be an instance of the exhibition in Google Camera application not invigorating photographs effectively. After you take a selfie, please check it in an outsider File administrator (Solid Explorer, ES File Explorer) or exhibition (QuickPic, Piktures). They should be moved.

Alright I checked with outsider exhibition and can affirm it is as yet not moving

Some modded Google Camera applications spare representation photographs in DCIM/Camera itself as opposed to making a subfolder inside DCIM/Camera. Open Google Camera, discover Settings – > Advanced – > Save all representation mode pictures to same organizer and impair it.

I have to spare just picture photograph (foundation obscured bokeh). What setting would it be a good idea for me to pick?

In Settings, under “Picture Photos”, please empower “Move representation photographs to target envelope” while impairing “Move typical photographs to target organizer”. Presently just the foundation obscured photograph will moved to target organizer while the typical one will be erased.

What’s the arrangement with Motion Photos?

It is an exclusive configuration created by Google where a video is installed inside a photograph. There shouldn’t be any issues with moving movement photographs to target envelope yet in the event that you empower “avert flipping of movement photographs”, such movement photographs will be changed over to standard JPEG documents and will, subsequently, lose the implanted video.

More issues?

Forget about it. It would be ideal if you mail me at support@apptuners.com. I adore working with my clients to settle their issues.

Created by Naveen Naushad, AppTuners

Disclaimer:- Google Camera is the property of Google LLC. This application is not the slightest bit associated with Google or Google Camera. It’s a freely created device that can be utilized to sort out photographs taken with Google Camera.

What’s New

– Support for Motion Photos
– Selfie rotate option for some Xiaomi phones
– Clears panorama temp files
– Other bug fixes

Screenshot GCam Tool v2.10 Pro Full APK

GCam Tool v2.10 Pro Full APK GCam Tool v2.10 Pro Full APK

GCam Tool v2.10 Pro Full APK

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