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JTInstagram+ v10.0 JiMODs Jimtechs Editions Experience a powerful and unique Instagram experience . This modified version of Instagram offers a wealth of added features that enhance your user experience. Stay ahead of your competition, by using the top JTInstagram mod available.

Transform Your Instagram Experience

JTInstagram+ v10.0 JiMODs Jimtechs Editions allows users to:

Effortlessly Download Media

  • Download high-quality photos, videos, IGTV, and reels
  • Save media directly to your device for offline access or sharing

Customize Your Stories and Privacy

  • Create a Close Friends List to share stories with select friends
  • Hide stories from specific people using the Hide Stories from List feature
  • Save live videos to your archive for 30 days with Save Story to Archive

Enjoy an Ad-Free and Enhanced Platform

  • Eliminate ads for a distraction-free experience
  • Utilize Ghost Mode to hide your typing status in DMs
  • Experience improved quality for IGTV, photos, reels, and stories
  • Navigate with ease using Smart Gestures

Expand Your Network and Connections

  • Discover Instagram accounts of people in your contacts using the Discover People feature

Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

Outperform the competition, by using JTInstagram+ v10.0 JiMODs Jimtechs Editions. Benefit from the mod’s unique features and enhance your overall Instagram experience.

How to Install JTInstagram+ v10.0 JiMODs Jimtechs Editions

To install this powerful Instagram mod, follow these simple steps:

  1. Uninstall any previous version of Instagram if installed
  2. Download the apk file from the official JTInstagram+ website
  3. Install the apk file on your device
  4. Log in to your Instagram account and enjoy the enhanced experience

What’s New in JTInstagram+ v10.0 JiMODs Jimtechs Editions

  • Upgraded JTInstagram base to version 316.
  • Removed recommended friends feature
  • Added option to download clean backups
  • Users can now download archived stories
  • Relocated “Do not send notify for screenshot” option to the Privacy section and resolved related issues

Experience the ultimate Instagram experience by downloading JTInstagram+ v10.0 JiMODs Jimtechs Editions today. Stay ahead of your competition and enjoy a host of enhanced features that will transform your Instagram experience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your social media game – download now and take your Instagram journey to the next level!

Key Features of JTInstagram+ v10.0 JiMODs Jimtechs Editions:

  • Download pictures and videos in high quality
  • Close Friends List to share stories with selected friends only
  • Hide Stories from List feature to hide posts from specific people
  • Save Story to Archive to save live videos to archives for 30 days
  • Allow Message Replies to enable or disable message replies
  • Ad-free platform
  • Ghost Mode feature to prevent people from knowing when you are typing in a DM
  • Quality Improvements for IGTV, photo, reels, and stories
  • Smart Gestures to navigate between pages, zoom on a photo, and like a photo
  • Discover People to find Instagram accounts of people in your contacts

JTInstagram+ v10.0 JiMODs Jimtechs Editions is a modded version of Instagram that allows users to download photos, videos, IGTV, and reels in high quality. Additionally, it offers exclusive features such as a material designed mod, Ghost Mode, Picture quality improvements, Downloads, and many more.

One of the key features of JTInstagram+ is the ability to download media and save it to your device. This is especially useful for users who want to access their media offline or share it with others. Another feature is the Close Friends List, which allows users to share stories with a specific list of friends.

Moreover, JTInstagram+ includes a feature called Save Story to Archive.

This feature allows users to save live videos to their archives for 30 days and view them only. Furthermore, it is an ad-free platform with a Ghost Mode feature that prevents people from knowing when you are typing in a DM.

Overall, JTInstagram+ offers a unique and powerful Instagram experience with added features that enhance the user experience. To install JTInstagram+, simply download the apk from the official website, install it, log in, and enjoy.

In addition to the features mentioned above, there are several other features that make JTInstagram+ a great choice for Instagram users. For instance, JTInstagram+ allows users to create their own Close Friends List and share their stories with them exclusively. Moreover, the Hide Stories from List feature enables users to hide all photos and videos that they would like to post on their stories from specific people of their choosing, including live videos.

Furthermore, JTInstagram+ offers an Allow Message Replies feature that allows users to choose whether to allow message replies to everyone, people they know, or disable replies entirely. Additionally, the Sharing feature allows users to turn off the option for others to add their feed posts to their stories.

JTInstagram+ also has several quality improvement features such as improving the quality of various Instagram files such as IGTV quality, Photo Quality, Reels Quality, and Stories’ Quality. Additionally, it has Smart Gestures that enable users to swipe left or right to navigate between pages, zoom on a photo by long-tapping, and even like a photo by double-tapping on it.

Lastly, JTInstagram+ allows users to discover people by following the people on their contacts who have an active Instagram account. To install this modded version of Instagram, you need to uninstall any old version if it’s installed and then download and install the “apk” file. Once you log in to your account, you can enjoy the brand new “INSTAGRAM Plus JiMODs”.

JTInstagram+ v10.0 JiMODs Jimtechs Editions

Go to to get the download link from the official JiMODs Jimtechs Editions

JiMODs – Whatsapp+ JiMODs [ Jimtechs Edition ]

Jim’s Techs – Techs ForEver


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How to install JTInstagram+ v10.0 JiMODs Jimtechs Editions APK?

1. Tap the downloaded JTInstagram+ v10.0 JiMODs Jimtechs Editions APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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