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v8.1.2 - wind, waves and weather forecast app for surfers, kitesurfers, windsurfers, sailors, fishermen and other wind sports.
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July 27, 2020
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Description precise local wind weather v8.1.2 Pro APK waves and climate estimate application for surfers, kitesurfers, windsurfers, mariners, anglers and other breeze sports.


? Wind report, figure and measurements: wind map, precise breeze compass, wind meter, wind blasts and wind bearings. It’s valuable for outrageous breeze sports.

? Wind alert: Set up windalert and know about wind, tempest and twister cautioning by means of pop-up messages precise local wind weather v8.1.2 Pro

? Climate history (document) for 2012-2019: see wind information, temperature (day and night) and environmental weight. Climate document will assist you with choosing the greatest month for movement to the spot.

? Neighborhood gauge from NOAA: temperature in Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin, moistness, wind speed, precipitation (downpour and day off). Conjecture for 10 days with 3 hours step in metric or supreme units: m/s (mps), mph, km/h, knt (knout), bft (beaufort), m, ft, mm, cm, in, hPa, inHg. NOAA is a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/National Weather Service (nws).

? Wave estimate: sea or ocean conditions, sea waves and ocean swell, fishing conjecture

? Energized wind tracker: climate radar for cruising, yachting and kiting in light wind

? Delightful climate gadget on home screen

? Tempest and storm tracker: a guide of tropical twisters (typhoons, tropical storms, hurricanes) around the world

? Free nautical graphs map: see water profundity, sea tides and flows, float information precise local wind weather v8.1.2 Pro

? Cloud base/Dewpoint (dew point) information: essential climate data for charming paragliding

? Spots: over 30.000 spots arranged and situated by the sort and zone. Add your spots to top picks.

? Spot talks. Got anemometer? Offer information about climate conditions and wind heading in the visit from a kite spot.

? Network: trade meteorological forecasts on the spot. Need to be a nearby/spot pioneer? Email us the name of your spot at [email protected] and we will make a visit for it.

? Climate Stations: online information from close by online climate stations.

? Disconnected Mode: activateoffline mode and check the figure for your exercises without web association.

Ideal FOR: precise local wind weather v8.1.2 Pro

• Kitesurfing (kitesurf)

• Windsurfing (wind surf)

• Surfing

• Sailing (Boating)

• Yachting

• Paragliding

• Fishing precise local wind weather v8.1.2 Pro

• Snowkiting

• Snowboarding

• Skiing

• Skydiving

• Kayaking (kayak)

• Wakeboarding precise local wind weather v8.1.2 Pro

• Cycling

• Hunting (chase)

• Golf is an ideal climate radar that keeps you educated pretty much all significant changes. Check storm estimate, snow report or marine traffic and plan your exercises adroitly with our breeze meter.

This is an extremely advantageous and simple to-utilize computerized anemometer accessible right in your cell phone. Gain admittance to ongoing climate and ensure your arrangements won’t be influenced by unexpected climate change. precise local wind weather v8.1.2 Pro

We deal with your wellbeing in the ocean and update live climate gauge as continuous as could be expected under the circumstances. Enthusiasts of yachting, kayaking, wakeboarding and other water sports can follow the likelihood of typhoon and storm just as check the circumstance in marine, twister tracker and radar. Serious climate, storm and typhoon refreshes.

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What's new

Accurate currents

Great news on currents! We've added an 8km global MyOcean model. Currents are more accurate now and take tides into account. Sea temperature is now a 0.5 meter depth average.

Offline mode

No Internet is no big deal: check our offline mode. Choose the necessary region, download the forecast and be aware of the weather on your favorite spots even offline.


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