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YouTube Vanced is dead, but we will always remember its simplicity for all users. We can’t wait for its rebirth when many other viable alternatives have comparable functionality and maybe better user experiences.
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YouTube ReVanced v19.13.35 Mod APK YouTube ReVanced: A New Dawn for Ad-Free Video Streaming

Despite the departure of YouTube Vanced, its legacy of simplicity lives on. The anticipation for its reincarnation grows, especially as we explore other alternatives offering similar, if not superior, user experiences.

Introducing YouTube ReVanced APK

Marked as the official successor to YouTube Vanced, YouTube ReVanced APK is currently under development. It promises to retain beloved features while introducing significant improvements. Here, we delve into the capabilities and future of the YouTube ReVanced App.

  • Backward Compatibility and Supplementing YouTube

YouTube ReVanced serves as a complementary platform to YouTube for Android users. This alternative allows users to revert to the classic interface amidst the ongoing development and debugging of the new ReVanced app. Questions about its compatibility with existing YouTube installations arise, yet evidence suggests no need to uninstall YouTube for ReVanced.

  • Universal Compatibility

YouTube ReVanced extends its accessibility to all devices, with or without root access. Simple installation instructions facilitate its adoption. However, the absence of an official app led many to halt their custom APK development, a task deemed less appealing without direct APK downloads. This misconception about root-requirement for YouTube ReVanced is now clarified.

  • Enhanced User Experience with Ad Blocking

Ad blocking features in ReVanced transform user experience by eliminating interruptions from ads. This enhancement allows uninterrupted streaming, although it poses questions regarding the impact on content creators reliant on ad revenue. The inconvenience of unskippable ads, especially when they’re irrelevant to the sought-after content, underscores the appeal of ReVanced.

  • Background Play Functionality

ReVanced enables users to enjoy YouTube content in the background, facilitating multitasking. This feature is invaluable for users desiring to consume media while engaging in other activities, offering both a floating screen option and audio-only playback. For those juggling tasks or preferring audio content, ReVanced provides a seamless, data-efficient solution.


As we bid farewell to YouTube Vanced, we welcome YouTube ReVanced with open arms. Its development heralds a new era of video streaming, combining cherished features with innovative enhancements. The journey of YouTube ReVanced APK is just beginning, promising a future where user experience and functionality converge.

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YouTube ReVanced v19.13.35 Mod APK

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How to install YouTube ReVanced v19.13.35 Mod APK APK?

1. Tap the downloaded YouTube ReVanced v19.13.35 Mod APK APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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