Alarm Clock v6.2 build 161 Full APK

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Alarm Clock v6.2 build 161 Full APK descriptions: Caution Plus Millenium is in excess of a morning timer; it incorporates four brilliant applications in a one.

A total and one of a kind morning timer with an expert stopwatch and five clocks for your day by day needs.

A rundown of your day by day assignments.

A rundown of contacts that enables you to get in touch with them yet additionally to not miss their birthday events.

A loosening up music player for smooth lay down with the continuous decreasing volume.

1 Alarm clock + Stopwatch + Timer:

Alert Plus Millenium incorporates a similar morning timer + Stopwatch + Timer as the free form without promotions and with capacity to see next caution on gadgets.

2 Tasks:

With Alarm Plus Millenium , you can include assignments by an exceptionally intelligent way:

? Set up an errand with your voice just by managing the word undertaking and the time.

? Dictate the errand to do.

? Select whether the errand is for an exact date and time or inside a specific time.

? Select the redundancy recurrence of the errand.

? Define and initiate a default errand profile.

? See the booked errands in a sequential request…

3 Birthdays:

Alert Plus Millenium offers you a customized administration of your contacts with their birthday celebrations, you can:

? Add or import your contacts (name, telephone number, Email).

? Add an image for each contact and the date of birth to be told for each birthday.

? Call the contact whenever or send him/her a SMS or Email.

? Send a programmed and customized SMS or Email after birthday warning…

As contacts pictures are in widescreen design, it is prescribed to include pictures with this configuration.

4 Sleep and Relaxation:

Alert Plus Millenium offers a significant Android device to unwind amid a rest or to enable you to nod off with a loosening up music, you can:

? Choose a sound of nature and a loosening up music.

? Select the span of playback.

? Adjust the volume of the music player.

? Enable the slow decrease of volume for a smooth progress to the profound rest.

The Millenium Alarm Plus interface is completely adaptable, you can pick the foundation shading style just as the title bar shading.

**Warning ** don’t stop the application with an errand executioner, since it erases every one of your alerts and warnings.

For more data, questions or issues, if it’s not too much trouble visit our site or email us.

Site :

Email: [email protected]

What’s happening

World Clock.

Set clocks and alerts with “alright Google”.

Boundless upgraded clocks with new gadgets.

Google Drive reinforcement.

Vital upgrades.

Notice: Please ensure that your battery saver or undertaking executioner applications won’t keep alerts from working.


  • Timers default profile.
  • Add Notes.
  • Important improvements.
  • World Clock.
  • Set timers and alarms with “OK Google”.
  • Unlimited redesigned timers with new widgets.
  • Google Drive backup.
    Notice: Please make sure that your battery saver or task killer apps will not prevent alarms from working.

Screenshots Alarm Clock v6.2 build 161 Full APK

Alarm Clock v6.2 build 161 Full APK Alarm Clock v6.2 build 161 Full APK

Alarm Clock v6.2 build 161 Full APK

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