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BlockerX helps you instantly block all unnecessary content from your device, thanks to robust and handy blocking technologies.
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BlockerX v4.6.78 Mod APK 100 Million+ Adult Content Blocked till date

40K+ 5 star evaluations

Use Accountability Partner and Activate Safe Search

Local area Of More Than 100k Like-Minded People To Help You.

BlockerX is the best application to keep away from spontaneous substance. It will help you in working on your efficiency, concentration and relationship.

Fundamental elements

Grown-up Content Blocker

  • This usefulness limits a wide range of content with the snap of a button. Assuming you need to keep away from explicit sites or applications, you can additionally utilize the application blocker/site blocker usefulness.
  • Forestall Uninstall
  • The most widely recognized issue with other applications is that they can be wound down without any problem. With BlockerX, you can’t uninstall except if allowed by your responsibility accomplice.
  • This makes the application powerful and helps eliminate reliance on resolution. This requires gadget head authorization (BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN).
  • Local area
  • BlockerX has a dynamic local area of 100k+ individuals, who are on a comparable way of keeping away from backslides. You can post to the whole local area. The people group assists clients with battling their negative quirk together, and in the end work on their efficiency.
  • Responsibility Partner
  • Stopping negative quirks can for sure be truly challenging all alone. Consequently, we group you up with a companion, called a responsibility accomplice. Your companion assists you with remaining responsible to your objectives.
  • Safe hunt
  • It guarantees that grown-up content is sifted in web crawlers like Google, Bing, and so on This likewise implements confined mode in YouTube, which channels grown-up recordings.
  • Word Blocker  BlockerX v4.6.78 Mod
  • Various individuals get “set off” by various types of content. This element is exceptionally valuable for individuals who need to confine explicit words on their programs and applications. For instance, assuming you need to stay away from the word/expression “grown-up video”, you can impede it, and any page containing this word/expression will be naturally sifted.

Application Blocker

  • :It can assist you with impeding applications that you find diverting like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and so forth Applications added to the blocklist won’t be available.
  • Articles and Videos (assets)
  • Would you like to find out about how to work on your advanced way of life?
  • Relax, we have specialists who expound on themes like managing inclinations, working on your relationship, why it’s difficult to stop, and so on
  • Other significant authorizations needed by the application:
  • Availability benefits: This application utilizes the openness administration consent (BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE) to obstruct grown-up content sites.
  • Framework ready window: This application utilizes the framework ready window consent (SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW) to show a square window over grown-up content.
  • Use BlockerX – Improve computerized way of life and shield yourself or your youngster from grown-up content.

Mod Info of The application

Premium Subscription/Paid Features Unlocked;
Login required to Activate Full Premium;
Cleaned Resources Folder For Fast Load;
Cleaned Unnecessary Trash From All Other Folders & Root Path of APK;
Unnecessary Split file & Corresponding Meta data Removed;
Debug info removed Including .source Tags;
All Ad Codes Removed;
All Ad Invoke Methods Nullified;  BlockerX v4.6.78 Mod
All Ads Permissions Disabled;
All Ads Impressions Removed/Blocked
All Trackers Impressions Removed/Blocked
All Analytics/Crashlytics & Trackers Disabled(Nullified), Except few to run App(60);
Disabled/Removed Unwanted Permissions + Services + Recievers + Providers;
Mod UltraLite (26 MB, Org Size- 100 MB);
Supported CPUs: Armeabi-v7a;
Screen DPI- m,x,xxhdpi;

How to Install

Download the APK From above Link
install it on your device

BlockerX v4.6.78 Mod APK

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