Error Installing APK: 5 Application Installation Workarounds

It is a common practice for Android users to install their favorite mobile applications through android packages or APKs. They are third-party file formats that contain elements needed for a smartphone to install the application on the device. However, one of the most significant pitfalls of using APKs is that there are instances where users would get an error message that their installation did not push through. Therefore, for Android users wanting to install applications using APKs, here are some workarounds to installing them after getting an error message.

1. Try Bundle Installation

The easiest way to eliminate the APK installation error is to try bundle installation. It is a process that allows users to install multiple applications simultaneously. There are several ways to install APKs one by one, but they take more time.

On the other hand, bundled installation can significantly shorten the process of installing APKs. Compared to split APK installers, bundled files come in smaller and compressed sizes. Therefore, they become easier to download and take up less space on the devices where they become downloaded.

2. Consider Clean Installing

Another workaround is to consider clean installation. Users downloading APKs directly from their mobile phones leave traces of previously-installed versions that can interfere with the installation process. Therefore, users should completely uninstall older versions of the applications they wish to install using APKs.

Next, download APKs from the Internet or through a computer and reinstall the application on the device. It should also help to use an application that eliminates all the traces of uninstalled applications to ensure nothing will interfere with the new installation.

3. Have Enough Space

APK installations are more likely to fail when there is insufficient space on the device. Users may need to clean up devices with less storage space to accommodate the new installation. Fortunately, there are several ways to free up space on the device, such as deleting unused apps and photos or clearing cached data.

4. Allow Installation From Unknown Sources

Users need to allow installation from unknown sources for APKs to push through with installation on Android smartphones. Allowing the installation of apps outside of the Google Play Store is one way to enable the installation of APKs on the device.

Android smartphones come equipped with security features that help protect their system from possible attacks. Therefore, users should go to the phone’s Settings and then to the Application Manager to allow the installation of APKs through unknown sources. There, they should look for the Unknown Sources option and activate it.

5. Check APK for Errors

Installing an APK is a process where app developers are responsible for ensuring that their applications are safe and secure. If there is an error on the APK, like a failure to compile or missing code, users will get an error message during installation.

Checking the APK’s code is always a good idea because users can typically find errors in the first line. For example, if users get an error message of “Unable to verify APK,” it means that there is something wrong with the signature of the APK. Users should double-check the APK to ensure it is not corrupted before moving on to the next step.


Every Android user’s experience with APKs is different. Some users might experience difficulties getting the installation process through, while some users might not encounter any problems. However, these workarounds should help Android users who encounter APK installation errors.

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