How Do I Fix Parse Errors on My Android Phone?

Did you suddenly get a parse error on your Android device? While that shouldn’t happen too often, if at all, it is an error that you can run into. It typically occurs when an app fails to install. However, the root cause of the error during installation comes in all shapes and forms, and the text “parse error” doesn’t tell you much as to what exactly happened.

Of course, if you don’t do anything about the error, it’ll stick around, so how do you fix it? Well, to do that, let us first talk about the main causes of Android parse errors and then get into how to fix them:

What Are the Common Causes of Android Parse Errors?

Generally, an Android parse error is most often caused by an app that has a problematic APK. That’s the Android application package, which is what you download from the Google Play Store. Sometimes, the problem lies in the app’s main code, and sometimes, it’s a result of a third-party library being unavailable.

For example, a game that uses Unity for its core gameplay may fail to load certain assets. So, the app itself may not be at fault, but it is not accessible. You could also get an error if you’re installing older or newer versions of an app that are incompatible with one another. For that reason, you should always update your apps, even if they’re not asking you to put in a new version.

How Do I Fix Android Parse Error?

The first thing you should try if you see an Android parse error on the Google Play Store is restarting the app and checking for updates. If you’re doing a manual update, make sure you choose the version for your device and OS version. In other words, if you see a message that the APK is not compatible with the device, try the APK from a different phone or tablet. It’s possible that a different device may work in place of yours.

If you want to update automatically, go to the Play Store on your Android device, go to the app’s page and select “My apps & games.” Find the app that’s giving you a parse error and select “Update.”

If the above doesn’t help, try uninstalling the app and then download it again from the Play Store. If that doesn’t work, try downloading the app on a different device and then transferring the APK.

In either case, if you still get the same error, you may have to wait for the offending app to be fixed. If it’s an app that you downloaded from an unofficial source, you may have to look for another app that can do the same thing or look for it from an official source.

Either way, if none of the above fixes your problem, the issue could well lie in the app itself. You can look around online to see if people also share the issue and look for other solutions if any.


A parse error is nothing to panic about, and if you follow the steps above, you can fix it with little effort. But if you still can’t get around the error, remember to look for other solutions online and make sure you’re using an app that’s verified by Google!

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