To Download or Not: 5 Frequently Asked Questions About APK

To Download or Not: 5 Frequently Asked Questions About APK Android package is a file format used in Android devices such as smartphones and tablets to install applications. It is an archived file that compresses multiple files and other metadata to maintain a small-sized file.

But despite being an easy way to install applications on Android devices, there are modded android packages that can alter the functions of the official Android applications. As a result, there are many questions aimed at APKs and how they work. But should you download APKs or not?

Are Modded APKs Illegal?

In general, yes. APKs can be downloaded from questionable sources and contain malicious code. But before you blame APKs for this, know that you can also install malicious code directly on your Android device.

Modded APKs are packages that have been modified to have additional features. They come with many features, sometimes getting almost the same features as the official application that they change.

However, they are illegal to use. Explaining why APKs are illegal is relatively straightforward. Modded apps can be harmful to the security of your Android device and can pose a threat to the privacy of your personal information.

What Happens After Installing a Modded APK?

After installing a modded APK, you should immediately remove it. You may not know it, but it is almost the same as installing a virus on your Android device. They may have been modified from the main APK and contain malicious code which can impact your device. They can also be used to track your online activity and gain access to your personal information.

The problem with APKs is that you rarely find out if they come with malicious code. They appear just like the original android package. You can’t check their source, the permissions they request, their installation method, and their developer details.

How to Clean a Device Installed With a Modded APK?

In most cases, you can’t uninstall a modded APK directly. Users may need to uninstall the application they modify because they usually change system apps. If you uninstall the modded APK, you’ll also be uninstalling the modified system app.

There are other things you can do aside from uninstalling the modded APK. Some apps may be resetting your device’s settings, which will only make your device much more vulnerable to malicious code.

But before resetting the device, users should back up their device if they can’t remove the modded APK by clearing the device’s cache and data. Users should also check if any suspicious files have been installed on their devices. Check if any orphaned components are running in your device. Users can always reset their device’s settings.

Can Modded APKs Infect Devices?

Yes, they can. As mentioned earlier, a modded APK can contain some malware. The malware may cause your device to act strangely. Malware can monitor your online activities and steal your personal information.

Why Modded APKs Are Dangerous?

Modified APKs are dangerous because they can disrupt your device’s overall performance. They can also contain unlimited permissions, which can bring your device to a complete halt.


APKs are not inherently bad. They are instrumental as they allow you to install applications on your device regardless of having access to the Google Play Store. However, there are modified APKs that you must steer clear of. There are many reasons why you should never download them, including the fact that modded APKs can disrupt your device’s overall performance, privacy, and security.

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