Common Issues When Manually Installing APK Files On A Phone

Android has become popular as the go-to option for anyone with even a little interest in customization. This has created one of the most active communities where users share custom applications and add-ons with each other, allowing users to personalize their phones to their hearts’ content.

That said, a few of us are still left a little confused when faced with issues—after all, we can’t expect everyone to know everything about mobile software. Let’s talk about the most common issues users face when installing custom APK files on their Android devices. 

Application Can’t Be Installed

There are a couple of possible reasons if you are seeing errors during an app’s installation. You can expect them to fall under any of these categories: 

Blocked by Google Play Protect

While Google does allow users to install custom packages, they have to do their part by preventing accidental installations of malicious programs. That’s where Google Play Protect comes in, as it’s designed to block unauthorized installations on your Android device. 

To stop Play Protect from interfering with your installation, simply head over to the Settings page of the Google Play app. Navigate to the Play Protect page and disable the options that read, “Scan apps with Play Protect” and “Improve Harmful App Detection”. 

Installation Package Conflicts With Existing Package

It’s easy to lose track of what you’ve been installing on your phone, sometimes causing this error. This issue comes up when the same package is already installed on your phone, but since it’s a custom app, it’s not recognized as an update or replacement of the previous version. To get around this, make sure that the previous version of the app you are trying to install with the APK has been fully removed.  

Application Not Working

The following reasons may be the cause of your installed APK not working:

  • Failed Because You Might Not Have Purchased the App; or 
  • Application is Stuck on Loading Screen

Typically, Android applications are restricted to a file size of 50MB. Some apps understandably need more than that so they make use of .obb files that act as expansions for the installation of the program.  

Getting these errors is a sign that a user wasn’t able to download all the necessary files, meaning you might be missing an OBB file somewhere. Try re-downloading the APK to make sure you’ve got all the requirements.

Licensing Issues

One frequent problem that users face when installing custom APKs has something to do with licensing. These types of issues typically affect those trying to install modified APKs of apps in the Play store. You’ll find examples of these in Android-specific forums, with most people complaining that their installed APK won’t run because Android couldn’t find the required license. 

An easy fix is to first download the official version of the application from the Play store. Start the application once it’s finished downloading, and then launch the modified APK. If that doesn’t work, you can try downloading the official app and then aborting the download after a few seconds. In either case, your goal is to use the official app’s license to let you use the modified version. 

Application is Unavailable In Your Country/Incompatible Device

In some cases, the problem lies with the user’s location. In these situations, it is best to look for alternative platforms that might host the APK file you need without the geo-restrictions of the Google Play store. If no alternative sources can be found, you might want to consider using a VPN to allow you to bypass geo-restrictions. 


Android’s operating system is a capable beast that can allow users to squeeze as much performance from their devices as they can. It might be a little confusing at times, but there will always be a solution for your problems—all it takes is a little time and patience to learn from the community. 

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