5 Best Practices For Maximizing an Android Phone’s Battery

Like other technology brands, Android smartphones build their reputation on excellent features people can use and live by. One of the best features to date is the operating system’s perfect battery life usage compared to its leading competitor, Apple. Although the latter maximizes the device’s use per mAh, the former provides a bigger battery capacity—outsmarting the other brand. But how do Android users get the most out of their battery life? Here are some ideas.

1. Reduce Screen Brightness

You might be surprised at how much your screen brightness affects your battery life. The more you turn the brightness, the more battery power you’ll use. Whereas, if you reduce the brightness, you’ll use less energy, and your battery will stay charged longer.

It’s best to set the screen brightness to a lower setting, like 50% or less. This way, you’ll still be able to see your screen, but you won’t use as much battery power. If the battery is getting low, you can always increase the brightness if necessary.

2. Toggle Power-Saving Mode

Power-saving mode is another excellent way to extend battery life. You’ll have to sacrifice some features, but this can be worth it when you need to save battery power. Go to Settings > Battery > Power Saving Mode to use power-saving mode. Enable this option, and you’ll see a difference in battery life.

3. Enable Screen Timeout

Screen timeout is when the screen will stay on after you act on the phone. If you have a short timeout, the screen will turn off much faster than if you have a longer timeout. To change your screen timeout, go to Settings > Display. Under Screen timeout, you can choose from 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or 30 minutes. The shorter the timeout, the longer your battery will last.

4. Disable Background Applications

There are a lot of apps that run in the background on your phone, one of which is the Play Store. Those apps can drain your battery faster. To disable background applications, go to Settings > Apps > Menu button. Select the “Restrict background processes” option.

5. Switch Off Active Listening

If you use Google Now or Google Now Launcher, you can disable “Active Listening,” which is responsible for always listening to your voice and waiting for the “OK Google” command. Go to Settings > Voice > “OK Google” detection. Here you can disable the option.

Why Should Android Users Take Care of Battery Life?

Android users should take care of the battery life because it is essential for the phone to function. When your battery level gets low, your phone will eventually shut down. Knowing how to increase your phone’s battery life is essential to avoiding these situations.

Android phones have different types of batteries, each of which has pros and cons. The most popular battery type for Android phones is the Lithium-ion battery. Most manufacturers use Lithium-ion batteries in most Android phones because it is lightweight and can be easily recharged. Lithium-ion batteries are known for their long lifespan. However, they can also be easily damaged if not correctly taken care of.


Taking care of an Android phone’s battery early on should extend its expected usage. However, there are instances where the batteries fail no matter how much care you exert on them. But most Android phones have a removable battery, which means that you can replace the battery when it runs out of power. You can also use an external charger to charge your Android phone’s battery.

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