How To Run A Virus Scan To Determine If APK Files Are Viral

Sideloading apps on an Android device is a popular approach when an app is not accessible in your area, or you want to get updates more quickly. Sometimes, it might be the only option if the desired program is unavailable through the Play Store for any reason.

To verify the security of the APKs you’re about to install, you should scan them to ensure they don’t include any harmful content. Fortunately, some of the tools we’ve gathered here can help you accomplish that, including where to find modded apk apps. 

The Advantages of APK File Scanning

Although sideloading software has some advantages, there are also some disadvantages. One is that sideloading on Android devices is explicitly forbidden. You must enable installation from untrusted sources in Settings to do it. 

Furthermore, you won’t get updates for these programs automatically. It would help if you remembered to do this when an update is made manually available in your area.

A bigger disadvantage is the security risk it entails. APK files don’t come from the Play Store. Therefore you can’t be sure the software is what its creator intended it to be. Sometimes, pirated APK files can be used to get around restrictions (such as in-app purchases), or worse still, they might be contaminated with malware to endanger your phone’s security.

One way to avoid getting these awful viruses on your phone is to download APKs from trustworthy sources. For instance, APK Mirror is frequently acknowledged by the Android community as a reliable source for APK files.

Another method to prevent malware from getting into your phone is to scan your APK files for viruses before installing them. You may use a few services to help you scan an APK. The examples given here are the greatest ones.


An APK file can be uploaded to Metadefender to be examined by some antivirus programs. Files are handled as archives, meaning they will be extracted so that both the complete, unextracted APK file and each file may be inspected. Users merely need to drag & drop their files, and a report will be generated in a matter of seconds.


VirusTotal is a different choice that performs similarly to the first. It looks over your APK files and assists in the search for any potential viruses and malware. To check if your files are bug-free, upload them to the service. Additionally, you may paste URLs into VirusTotal and use the search box to check IP addresses, domains, or file hashes

Although its capacity is restricted to scanning the programs you’ve already installed on your device, VirusTotal is also available as a mobile app. It is available for free download from the Play Store.

If protecting all of your devices from malware is a high issue for you, you might be interested in learning whether Windows Defender will still be effective or whether Linux does require antivirus software. You may also try to mod apk download to scan whether or not the files contain the virus. 


You may also consider using an antivirus program for your Android device. If you’re unsure where to begin, check the best antivirus programs for smartphones. With mod premium apk apps, you can monitor the health of your mobile device by doing routine inspections.

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