Need Your Android to Run Faster? Try These Tips and Tricks!

The Android operating system (OS) has quite a few common issues surrounding it. One of the most known ones is the way that the OS ends up seeming to slow down after some months. Not surprisingly, Android users then end up constantly searching the internet for ways to get their Android phones to go faster.

In this blog, we’re going to explore ways that you can make your android phones faster so that your device will be more efficient. Ideally, it starts with dealing with freezes and lags getting reduced considerably.

Clear Cached App Data

Cached data helps apps to be able to load more quickly since it just has to pull data from the cache. Some apps are more used than others, however. Eliminating those will go a long way. Newer versions of old cached data can help things along in the long run.

Clear Out Unnecessary Apps

There’s a certain amount of memory used by each and every app on an Android device. Since devices don’t really have unlimited memory, the best plan is to only keep apps that you actually use. Unused apps should be disabled or uninstalled to free up more space.

Thankfully, it’s possible to see a list of all the apps on your device. Go to Settings > Apps, then swipe to reach the All tab. The list will be found there; from that point, uninstalling and disabling should be easy.

Declutter the Home Screen

While having plenty of widgets and live wallpaper is generally a great idea, it affects overall performance and puts an extra load on the device. Replace your background with a static image, and stop using any unwanted icons or widgets. 

Removing clutter from your home screen can speed up your device. Since it’s not as bogged down as it used to be by displaying many elements, decluttering your home screen will certainly contribute to your Android going by quicker.

Keep Up with Phone Updates

Each new update of Android fixes many bugs and improves performance. This means that you should always keep your device up to date to make it run better. It can be done through the Settings of the phone, specifically:

Settings > About Device > Software Update

At that point, if there are any updates available for your device, they should appear. In the same vein, it’s important to check that every single app is updated.

Restarting Your Android Device Will Go a Long Way

While it sounds too simple, restarting your Android smartphone will actually go a long way. Rebooting an Android device helps the RAM get cleaned up while temporary files open on the device will be deleted. That way, a smartphone’s performance as a whole increases considerably.

Use Lite Versions of Apps

Numerous well-loved applications like Twitter and Facebook have a “lite” version for their apps. As the name suggests, these are less all-consuming and heavy on your device. Using them will make your Android run much quicker.


Android smartphones are rather beloved the world over for a number of reasons. Alongside that, they’ve also got a number of common issues, a popular one being slow performance. Make an Android run faster by doing things like decluttering the home screen and using lite versions of apps.

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