Do Not Disturb Silent Mode Pro v4.3.6 Full APK

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Do Not Disturb Silent Mode Pro v4.3.6 Full APK On the off chance that you would prefer not to be bothered amid a gathering, a critical arrangement, the night, or at some other occasion, at that point this is the correct application.

You can pick whether to quiet the sound, or totally square approaching calls, so that for the individual who is calling you, your telephone will be appeared occupied.

The application works either by setting the profiles with the inside scheduler, or in mix with the Android framework logbook.

By empowering the ‘Pursue Calendar’ choice, all occasions made in the framework’s timetable with the state set to occupied, will be overseen by the application relying upon the choices you have picked.

In the profiles is likewise conceivable to coordinate a Location, to actuate the profile just when you are in the chosen span.

You never again need to stress over calls and SMS that you get startlingly that can make shame or an awful impression.

When you have set the profiles, “Don’t Disturb” obstructs all calls with the exception of those incorporated into the “Whitelist”, where you can enter both individual contacts, just as whole gatherings.

You can oversee distinctive profiles for various occasions and days of the week. You can make any profile whenever you need, which can be helpful, for instance, for the individuals who work and can’t get calls, the individuals who need to rest without being aggravated, and for some different events.

On the off chance that you have to get earnest calls that you have excluded in the “Whitelist”, you can empower the “Crisis calls” alternative, so that after a foreordained number of rehash calls from a similar number the call will be transmitted.

You can likewise pick whether to empower the obscure numbers, so that with any dynamic occasion (Profiles App, Android Calendar, Widget, Quick Start), the telephone will ring dependably, so you never miss vital calls.

For crisis calls you can empower the programmed sending of an instant message to the individual who is calling you, so as to disclose to her that you are occupied and to get back to you again immediately if there is something imperative.

For guests in the “Whitelist” you can set a particular ring tone level and enact the steady volume or set an alternate ringtone.

You can choose to quiet the telephone or to empower the vibration, and you can spare battery control by killing Bluetooth and Wifi, to likewise impair the information association (just for terminals with root consents).

You can quiet the telephone right away with a solitary snap, utilizing the inward catch Quick Start, or utilizing the gadgets that advantageously preset on 4 kinds of timetables ranges: 5, 15, 30 or a hour.

Both for Widget that for the Quick Start you can make a White List devoted.


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Screenshots Do Not Disturb Silent Mode Pro v4.3.6 Full APK

Do Not Disturb Silent Mode Pro v4.3.6 Full APK Do Not Disturb Silent Mode Pro v4.3.6 Full APK

Do Not Disturb Silent Mode Pro v4.3.6 Full APK

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