EX Explorer File Manager Pro v1.0.9 Paid APK

EX Explorer File Manager Pro v1.0.9 Paid APK

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EX Explorer File Manager Pro v1.0.9 Paid APK  File Management application ES File Manager/File Explorer is a definitive File Manager for your Android Device.

Free, Safe, Simple, Manage your records productively and effectively with ES Explorer. ES File Manager is simple and amazing record adventurer for Android gadgets. It’s free, quick and full-included.

Deal with your records as you do on your work area or PC utilizing Multiple Select, Cut/Copy/Paste, Move, Create, Delete, Rename, Search, Share, Send, Hide, Create Shortcut, and Bookmark.

With ES File Manager, you can without much of a stretch deal with your records and envelopes on your gadget and cloud stockpiles. Additionally, you can discover what number of documents and applications you have on your gadget initially following opening ES wayfarer.

? Root, FTP, SMB1/SMB2, Sqlite, Zip, Rar, 7zip, DLNA/UPnP adventurer

? Disk Map – see which documents expend most space on your circle

? Cloud stockpiling access: Google Drive™, Dropbox

? SSH File Transfer (SFTP) and SSH Shell

? App chief


? Manage records from a PC internet browser

? Favorite envelopes

? Thumbnails for pictures and video just as for different document types (contingent upon related application)

? Multi-choice – constantly accessible, yet not exasperating

? View APK documents as ZIP

? Share – send documents by Bluetooth, email, or whatever the gadget bolsters, from any area

? Configurable catches and key easy routes

? Seamless work with Zip (as though it was typical organizer)

With ES Explorer available to you, you can do nearly anything with your documents, you have 100% power over your record framework. Now and then it very well may be frustating to discover what you are searching for however with ES Explorer everything can be found effectively composed.

In the event that you have any recommendations for enhancements or simply need to connect

What’s New:

v 1.0.9
– First Release
– Dropbox, Google Drive access
– FTP Connection
– App Manager
– Process Cleaner
– Zip Viewer

Screenshots EX Explorer File Manager Pro v1.0.9 Paid APK

EX Explorer File Manager Pro v1.0.9 Paid APK

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