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Greenify Donate 3.7 Full APK Never should your telephone or tablet turn out to be slower and battery hungrier after bunches of applications introduced. With Greenify, your gadget can run nearly as easily and lastingly as it did the principal day you had it!

Greenify enable you to distinguish and put the acting mischievously applications into hibernation when you are not utilizing them, to prevent them from slacking your gadget and siphoning the battery, in an one of a kind way! They can do nothing without express dispatch by you or different applications, while as yet saving full usefulness when running in frontal area, like iOS applications!

NEW: Non-root working mode is currently upheld in 2.0, yet in beginning period. It as of now needs auto-hibernation because of benefit confinement. Utilize “Rest All” easy route (gadget) for comfort in non-root mode.

Imperative: Greenifying an application suggests that you know that all the foundation usefulness (benefit, intermittent errand, occasion collector, alert, gadget refresh, push message) of this application will end up plainly out of administration amid the hibernation with the exception of when you are utilizing this application.

NEVER greenify wake up timer applications, texting applications unless you don’t depend on them. Kindly do confirm the effect of greenified applications on which you intensely depend.

Contrasted with other prevalent instruments went for the comparative reason, Greenify offers the accompanying favorable circumstances:

? Unlike the “Stop” include in “TitaniumBackup Pro” that absolutely handicap the application, you can in any case utilize your application of course, share content with it. No compelling reason to solidify and defrozen it.

? Unlike “Application Quarantine”, you can dispatch greenified applications in any capacity of course. No more made application dispatch gadgets, not any more manual crippling.

? Unlike “Autostarts”, you can profit by the greater part of its points of interest, without expecting to manage the unpredictability and danger of darken application segments, and never lose usefulness when application is currently running.

? Unlike any “XXX Task Killer”, your gadget will never fall into the feline mouse-round of stealthy-running and forceful murdering, which pointlessly devours more battery juice.

Note: Greenify do require a foundation relentless “Cleaner” administration to put the greenified applications once again into hibernation when you are not currently utilizing them. It is outlined and actualized in to a great degree lightweight, with a normal RAM impression at 3M altogether, and almost zero CPU and battery utilization.

On the off chance that you can’t introduce from Play Store:


Web: Needed by “Raise Your Voice” program to send back just little measure of unknown insights information, without security data. You can quit whenever.

READ SENSITIVE LOG: To investigation the wake up reason for greenified applications.

GET ACCOUNTS and WRITE SYNC SETTINGS: Control the record match up of applications if its synchronize errand is excessively visit.


  • Why not support Android 2.x?
  • It seems that automatic hibernation is not working.
  • Some of my greenified apps (e.g. Google Maps) seems not hibernating.
  • I want to greenify system apps!
  • De-greenified apps still got no push notification!

Read here:

If you love Greenify and want to donate, please consider the “donation version” to try out fresh experimental features, such as:
* Greenify system apps
* Allow GCM push for hibernated apps
* Detect “who” woke the hibernated apps

Info of  Greenify Donate 3.7 Full APK :

  1. Please remove all previous version of Greenify and Donation Package at first!
  2. Install Greenify 3.0 apk
  3. Install Xposed Installer APK
  4. Open Xposed Installer, select greenify inside modules tab, open framework tab then press install/update & reboot.
  5. Done!

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to activate Greenify module by clicking the “Check” in Xposed Installer

What’s New

Removed the sensitive permission (not in use yet) accidentally introduced in the previous version.
“Keep Notification” no longer keeps non-dismissible notifications.
On device with Android 8.0, apps targeting 8.0 are correctly recognized as “background-free” now.
Improved the launch speed of Greenify.
Improved the wake-up tracking in special cases.
Fixed a rare bootloop

Screenshot Greenify Donate 3.7 Full APK

Greenify Donate 3.7 Full APK

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