Greenify Donate v3.9.9 build 39900 Full APK

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Greenify Donate v3.9.9 build 39900 Full APK This is only a gift bundle which enacts some test includes in the Greenify application. These highlights can be empowered in settings of Greenify.

=== Disclaimer ===

A portion of these trial highlights are still in beginning period. They may not deal with all gadgets and ROMs. They are incorporated just for cutting edge clients with adequate learning about what they extremely mean and how to effectively utilize them. These highlights may cause glitch or crash in applications. In infrequently extraordinary case, you may need to processing plant reset your gadget to recoup. I will attempt my best to keep away from those circumstances, however assume no liability for the conceivable outcomes.

It is protected to buy and introduce, since nothing is influenced until the point that any of the test highlights is empowered unequivocally.

=== Experimental Features ===

? Allow (most) framework applications to be greenified in Greenify

Be careful, most framework applications are basic to the essential usefulness of your gadget, once greenified, you may lose some piece of ease of use. In the case of something awful happens, degreenify the framework applications you as of late greenified and reboot, or deactivate this trial highlights of Greenify and reboot.

? Boost mode (requires Xposed)

Android system is fixed to enable Greenify to perform hibernation and different tasks without the moderate root schedule. In addition, Boost mode likewise enhances similarity of numerous highlights in Greenify.

? Allow GCM push message to wake slept applications (requires Xposed)

Google benefit system is fixed to permit the GCM (Google Cloud Message, a.k.a. C2DM) communicate to wake the slept applications, in this way you can greenify some applications without losing the capacity to get push message.

Consideration: Not all applications utilize GCM as push instrument, some applications make their own particular association for push in foundation benefit, consequently can’t profit by this fix and their push messages can never survive hibernation. Kindly DO NOT request that, it’s only a “mission outlandish” by and by. Rather, request that their engineer embrace the more RAM-and-battery-accommodating GCM push.

? Reveal shrouded match up assignments (requires Xposed)

Some applications may contain shrouded match up undertakings which runs intermittently, however can’t be debilitated by client in framework Settings – Account – Sync. This component uncovers those concealed adjust errands and let you to cripple them.

=== Xposed Installation ===

1. Download and introduce Xposed installer:

2. Introduce the “System” in the “Xposed Installer” and initiate “Greenify” in “Modules”.

3. Reboot

=== Why do I have to introduce another system for a few highlights to work? ===

Since these test includes all need OS level patches, generally they must be connected with ROM modding, which is very gadget particular and ROM-restrictive. Xposed structure is another want to do better grained little fixes in a ROM-free manner. On account of Xposed structure, you can appreciate these exploratory highlights of Greenify without supplanting your ROM.

=== Feedback and further talk ===

Visit the group: or XDA discussion:

How to Use it Greenify Donate v3.9.9 build 39900 Full APK ?

1) Remove any previous version of Greenify and Donation Package first!!!
2) Install Greenify APK
3) Open Xposed Installer, select greenify inside modules tab, open framework tab then press install/update & reboot.
4) Done.


Suppress the app wake-up via hidden sync (e.g. UC Browser).
Wake-up caused by content provider component can be cut off now.
Accessibility service is no longer required if no apps in normal hibernation mode during manual hibernation.
Improved the qualification for “background-free” on Android 8+.

“Ignore background-free” no longer interfere with “Ignore running state”.
Fix minor process state incorrections on Android 8+.
Fix the compatibility of “Keep Notifications” (Xposed) on Android 8+.

Screenshot Greenify Donate v3.9.9 build 39900 Full APK

Greenify Donate v3.9.9 build 39900 Full APK

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