Horizon Explorer ARCore v1.1.8 Full APK

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Horizon Explorer ARCore v1.1.8 Full APK descriptions:

Point your camera at a slope, town, lake or milestone not too far off and Horizon Explorer will disclose to you what you’re going for. Name, separation, height and guide of the pointed at milestone will be shown. The view with Augmented Reality overlay the slope peak markers .

Fly up high and see the territory spread out beneath you to perceive what is over the slopes around you, and get the lay of the land, at that point see the scale-display 3D outline you can stroll around to discover what’s behind slopes, or investigate the landscape for anyplace on the planet.

Skyline Explorer works around the world, however works best over a slope with an unhampered perspective of your environment. You can drag the skyline line with your finger to agree with the camera if the programmed following isn’t working exceptionally well. Or on the other hand take a stab at waving your telephone around noticeable all around in a figure 8 to adjust the compass.

This application does not right now do warnings, adverts or keep running out of sight.

More highlights including tourism increased reality markers and data just around the corner!

This application utilizes Google’s ARCore to do increased reality. This innovation is as of now just accessible on Google Pixel, Pixel 2 (+XL adaptations), Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8 and Note 8, LG V30, V30+, and OnePlus 5.

Whats’ new


Included point activities highlight: Point some place and press a catch to drop a marker, and alternatively open that point with another maps application, get bearings or see road see

Drop markers in 3D Map mode and see them in AR mode or the other way around

New green logo and sprinkle screen

Smoother minimap development

Fix bug where green slope crest markers didn’t show up

Fix bug where name of point didn’t get cleaned in the wake of pointing up

Name the blue GPS marker

Redesign Unity and ARCore

Less consents required

Screenshot of Horizon Explorer ARCore v1.1.8 Full APK

Horizon Explorer ARCore v1.1.8 Full APK Horizon Explorer ARCore v1.1.8 Full APK

Horizon Explorer ARCore v1.1.8 Full APK

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