Inventory Barcode Scanner v6.27 Paid APK

Inventory Barcode Scanner v6.27 Paid APK

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Inventory Barcode Scanner v6.27 Paid APK Standardized tag scanner and Inventory director XSCANPET is the ideal standardized tag scanner for your stock It is a scanner tag scanner App with stock supervisor highlights. It utilizes an Excel document as thing database.

The camera on your gadget is utilized to peruse standardized identifications and look into thing data in an Excel spreedsheet document.

XSCANPET= standardized identification scanner and stock administrator and exceed expectations database and Stock chief: You can utilize SCANPET to deal with your stock, handle your stockroom, home stock or just read standardized identifications. Building your own thing database is as straightforward as making an Excel document.


SCANPET standardized tag scanner and stock is the free form of XSCANPET, if it’s not too much trouble download SCANPET first and in the event that all is well, at that point purchase XSCANPET. As there are a large number of various Android cell phones we can’t ensure that this program will work for you. So please attempt free SCANPET first. In any case stock highlights should take a shot at each gadget.

On the off chance that you purchase XSCANPET you will get:

* last updates

* No promotions

* Full use.

This application have a great deal of powerfull arrangement alternatives, and can be adjusted for pretty much every circumstance. For instance you can utilize this standardized tag scanner as:

* Warehouse Manager: It is a standardized identification peruser (your gadget will function as a scanner tag terminal)

* Inventory Manager: It is a distribution center supervisor and stock taking instrument. Here you can utilize the standardized tag scanner as a helpfull device. Be that as it may, the application could in any case work without utilizing it

* Use it likewise as a stock tracker with your home stock. Inventory Barcode Scanner v6.27 Paid APK

* Store stock and stock overseeing: handle the load of your store or stockroom: Items are partitioned into classifications that are related to a standardized identification. Register what number of components of every item class you have. Along these lines you can do stock control.

* Inventory of isolated things: Build a motion pictures assortment, DVD assortment, and so forth

* Wifi Scanner (wifi terminal): Use this in the event that you have to check the standardized identification legitimately into an archive on your PC. This implies the telephone will peruse the standardized identification and will send it through Wifi to your PC. It will be a Wifi terminal.

* GPS Points of Interest (POIs): record GPS directions of the spots you visit, similar to landmarks, urban areas, sea shore, and so forth

* Also online business: osCommerce, Prestashop, Magento, Ecommerce, and so on

* Others conceivable outcomes: SCANPET highlights, don’t complete here. It would be ideal if you set aside an effort to investigate, you can design everything! like deals the board, installments, shipment director, gatherings participation or manufacture bookkeeping reports from the yield Excel record on your PC, and so forth

You can likewise put your stock on Dropbox and Google Drive (share with different clients and reinforcement to Dropbox and Google Drive)

The XSCANPET standardized identification scanner bolster these configurations: Inventory Barcode Scanner v6.27 Paid APK

UPC-An and UPC-E

EAN-8 and EAN-13

Code 39

Code 93

Code 128

QR Code




XSCANPET can deal with two sort of inventories (Excel spreedsheet):

– Group inventories (every thing is a classification with a tally number): This is the best decision for:

* internet business arrangements.

* store inventories (in the event that we need to control the stock)

* home stock

* and so on

Singular inventories or assortment of things (each column on the Excel is a different thing): This is the best decision for:

Oversee CD and DVD inventories (motion pictures and music assortments) utilizing standardized tag scanner or composing

As individual inventories spares another line for each sweep, you can likewise go further and control sources of info and yields of your store, similar to deals or shipments. Or then again considerably further and use it as a participation application (use it at gatherings or school)

and so on

As should be obvious XSCANPET is considerably more than simply one more standardized identification scanner or stock application, it is entirely adjustable because of its Excel formats

Exceed expectations groups upheld are from Microsoft Office 95 to 2003 and Office XP (the arrangement Office 2007 and later are not bolstered)


XSCANPET v5.50 adds Google Drive and Dropbox backup (upload and download your Excel files and configuration files to Dropbox and Google Drive).
You can also use column customization to define Excel forms. So you edit the Excel file using a form. Available datatypes: string,number,lists of values,photos,date, time,latitude,longitude,etc
And you can define powerfull filters and search for rows easyly.
Now the application has a usefull wizard to help you to configure the app.

Screenshots Inventory Barcode Scanner v6.27 Paid APK

Inventory Barcode Scanner v6.27 Paid APK

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