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Barcode scanner & Inventory app (XSCANPET) is a barcode scanner, an inventory management system and a Wifi barcode scanner in one app. It will help you to manage your warehouse inventory, home inventory or business inventory. XSCANPET will fast stock-taking and inventory management. It also helps in managing purchase orders and sales orders. And it all using the integrated QR & barcode scanner or without barcodes.
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June 28, 2020
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Inventory Barcode scanner WIFI v6.70 Paid APK identification scanner and Inventory application (XSCANPET) is a standardized identification scanner, a stock administration framework and a Wifi standardized tag scanner in one application. It will assist you with managing your distribution center stock, home stock or business stock. XSCANPET will quick stock-taking and stock administration. It additionally helps in overseeing buy requests and deals orders. What’s more, everything utilizing the coordinated QR and standardized identification scanner or without standardized identifications.

In this way, it is a finished application to maintain your business stock, your music or book assortments or any sort of home stock from versatile.

As said XSCANPET incorporates 3 applications in one: Inventory Barcode scanner WIFI v6.70 Paid

1) As a standardized tag scanner application, it utilizes the telephone’s camera and the standardized identification peruser will rapidly filter and perceive the data of scanner tag or QR code. It sweeps and read QR codes and one-dimensional and two-dimensional standardized identifications (QR and 1D and 2D scanner tags) through the scanner tag scanner.

Initiate the spotlight for dependable sweeps in dull situations and use squeeze to-zoom to peruse little standardized identifications.

standardized identification scanner, QR scanner, standardized tag peruser and QR code peruser. Sweeps all QR codes and numerous standardized tags groups.

You can utilize it in any event, for your home stock or to deal with your book assortment or your dvd assortment, and so forth Inventory Barcode scanner WIFI v6.70 Paid

Then again you can utilize it as a participation tracker, to control representative Attendance, gatherings, and so forth.

2) As a stock application, it is adaptable and adjustable. It will help as a stock administration and stock tracker. Additionally you can characterize your own fields for each record and your own work processes. The camera on your gadget is utilized to check scanner tags and look into thing data in an Excel spreadsheet record that fills in as database. You can alter, erase, include things by utilizing your own structures and record definitions. It likewise will let you to deal with your stock by clump examining.

You can likewise keep point by point records of your stock on your cell phone just as update stock developments. Make, oversee or control your thing stock records.

For instance you can utilize the stock highlights for: Inventory Barcode scanner WIFI v6.70 Paid

* Inventory and Warehouse Management

* Attendance tracker and participation program: log participants to a gathering, school, and so on.

* Stock taking

* Inventory tracker Inventory Barcode scanner WIFI v6.70 Paid

* Store stock and stock overseeing, handle your distribution center

* Catalog your Collectibles. Manufacture a motion pictures assortment, DVD assortment, music, and so on

* GPS Points of Interest (POIs): record GPS directions of the spots you visit, similar to landmarks, urban areas, sea shore, and so on

* Also online business: osCommerce, Prestashop, Magento, Ecommerce, and so on Inventory Barcode scanner WIFI v6.70 Paid

* Manage CD and DVD inventories (films assortment, music and so on) utilizing standardized tag scanner or composing

* Shipment Tracker: information sources and yields from your store or stockroom.

* Sales administrator: XSCANPET is likewise a business tracker.

* Customer administrator: assemble a database with your clients, participants, and so on. Inventory Barcode scanner WIFI v6.70 Paid

* Others prospects: XSCANPET highlights, don’t complete here. If it’s not too much trouble set aside an effort to investigate, you can arrange everything! like deals, installments, shipments, gatherings participation, participation tracker, control meeting asistance, assemble bookkeeping reports from the yield Excel document on your PC, and so on

3) WIFI terminal scanner include: XSCANPET is additionally a WIFI Scanner (WIFI terminal): Use this in the event that you have to check the standardized tag legitimately into a report on your PC. This implies the telephone will peruse the scanner tag and will send it through WIFI to your PC. It will be a WIFI terminal Inventory Barcode scanner WIFI v6.70 Paid

4) You can likewise reinforcement your stock to Dropbox and Google Drive (additionally you can impart the stock to different clients through Dropbox and Google Drive)

XSCANPET utilizes Excel documents as databases. So you won’t have to import or fare your information. You can even utilize some other Excel proofreader to roll out hot improvements on the document. XSCANPET will perceive these progressions consequently. No compelling reason to reimport.

Standardized identification designs bolstered by scanner tag peruser: Inventory Barcode scanner WIFI v6.70 Paid



Code 39

Code 93

Code 128





XSCANPET underpins all Excel record designs from Excel 95 (xls and xlsx documents). Inventory Barcode scanner WIFI v6.70 Paid

Bolster administration: [email protected]

Inventory Barcode scanner WIFI v6.70 Paid APK


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What's new

XSCANPET v6.70 adds Google Drive and Dropbox backup (upload and download your Excel files and configuration files to Dropbox and Google Drive).

You can also use column customization to define Excel forms. So you edit the Excel file using a form. Available datatypes: string,number,lists of values,photos,date, time,latitude,longitude,etc

And you can define powerfull filters and search for rows easyly.

Now the application has a usefull wizard to help you to configure the app.


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