Lynx Privacy-Hide photo/video v1.2.04 Full APK

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Lynx Privacy-Hide photo/video v1.2.04 Full APK

Lynx is an expert application intended to secure a shroud portable protection. All your private photographs and recordings can be secret key secured and naturally adjusted to a 5GB free cloud space to spare your gadget space.

With Lynx, you can without much of a stretch cover up and ensure all your selfies, so nobody will see the photographs you took of your work-out outcomes. All picked photographs will be consequently transferred to your own particular cloud space, a space as huge as 5GB FOR FREE!

PIN code insurance

Open lynx just with adjust PIN code or the proprietor’s unique mark, ensuring nobody else approaches your protection on telephone

Auto match up to 5G cloud space

5GB free space for your photographs and recordings to match up to, so they never get lost

Save telephone space

Try not to have enough space on your telephone however can’t choose which photographs to erase? For what reason not transferring them all to free cloud space! 5GB for new starter and much more on the off chance that you utilize more!

Quick sharing

Produce an entrance code for the collection you need to share and the beneficiary of the code can get to the mutual collection in his/her own particular lynx

Camouflage mode

Lynx can be masked into another application (a number cruncher for instance) so just you know how to get to it.

Fake PIN code

Set a phony PIN code to a phony lynx where you can keep some general photographs as camouflage

Intruder alert

Lynx can consequently take a photo of any interloper who attempted to access with a wrong PIN code

Lynx won’t be show up on your as of late utilized applications list

“Each one has protection that ought to be regarded, ensure your security remain private is our specialty!” – Lynx Team

Why is it called “Lynx”?

In old Greek, lynx is considered as the manager of insider facts. What’s more, we trust that this application watches your privileged insights like a lynx. You can believe it with your work-out records, duplicates of essential paperworks or different photographs or recordings that are vital to you and must be avoided other individuals.

What’s new?

2017-06-06 execution progressed.

Screenshot of Lynx Privacy-Hide photo/video v1.2.04 Full APK

Lynx Privacy-Hide photo/video v1.2.04 Lynx Privacy-Hide photo/video v1.2.04


Lynx Privacy-Hide photo/video v1.2.04 Full APK


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