My Oasis – Tap Sky Island v1.209 Full APK

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My Oasis – Tap Sky Island v1.209 Full APK descriptions:

Taking a break can be troublesome when there are such huge numbers of activities, and you have so brief period to spend for yourself. My Oasis is a diversion application made for individuals who require a break from life.

My Oasis does not center exclusively around the gameplay and it contains no substance that can worry you. Let your Oasis step by step extend while you collaborate with the encompassing life in an unwinding environment. It will quiet your brain before you know it.

Step by step instructions to play

– Tap the screen to overhaul your desert garden.

– As your desert garden gets overhauled, the island will extend itself and make new life, for example, trees, blossoms and creatures. You can have a go at associating with them by playing music harmonies. Certain harmonies have unique capacity to control the climate and time. Influence it to rain or snow, and transform day into night or morning!

* Deleting this application will likewise erase its information. Try to spare your information on the cloud server before erasing the application.

* Please compose an audit. We will read each remark and endeavor to improve the application!

What’s new


1.209 Update Details

New creatures and infant creatures are added to the accumulations:

– Hyena, Buffalo, Cheetah, Ostrich, Alpaca, Kitty on a Plane

– Elephant Calf, Bear Cub, Rhino Calf

New things accessible to buy:

– Special Gift Set 1 (Alpaca)

– Special Gift Set 2 (Kitty on a Plane)

It includes application introduce promotions  (they give a greater number of precious stones than customary advertisements)

Visit bubbles now expand their size when the content doesn’t fit in them.

‘Reset Oasis’ catch content is supplanted with ‘Desert garden Select’.

Screenshot of My Oasis – Tap Sky Island v1.209 Full APK

My Oasis - Tap Sky Island v1.209 Full APK My Oasis - Tap Sky Island v1.209 Full APK

Screeshot of My Oasis – Tap Sky Island v1.209 Full APK

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