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One4Wall is a wallpaper app, created with idea to provide you only unique wallpapers, handcrafted by our designers.

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One4Wall Unique wallpapers v1.2.1 Premium APK is a backdrop application, made with thought to give you just novel backdrops, high quality by our fashioners.

One4Wall contains:

1. 104 free backdrops (all the more coming soon in customary updates)

2. 6 premium collections with aggregate of 300 premium backdrops (50 backdrops for every collection)

All backdrops are great, vector put together put away with respect to cloud. If it’s not too much trouble note that thumbnail reviews in the application are marginally lower quality than the real pictures which you apply as backdrop.

Inside the One4Wall application, you will discover 5 tabs:

1. Backdrops

Inside this tab you will discover free backdrops, holding on to be applied straightforwardly from our application.

2. Assortments

Inside this tab you can locate every free backdrop gathered inside collections so you can peruse what you truly need (Dark backdrops, Light Wallpapers, Colorful Wallpapers and so on.).

3. Premium

Inside this tab, you will discover premium One4Wall collections. Every collection contains 50 premium backdrops. You can purchase every collection independently or you can purchase Pro key which opens every superior collection, including the collections that will be included the following updates of One4Wall application. Genius key additionally opens download of free backdrop.

4. Top picks

Inside this tab, you can discover all backdrops you checked as top pick.

5. CS14

Inside this tab, you can discover connections to all different applications made by us, yet in addition joins for our Twitter account, Telegram bunch visit and so forth.

In the event that you like our dividers, if it’s not too much trouble leave your audit and assist us with getting the message out about One4Wall!

Having issues or you have a recommendation or some thought on the most proficient method to improve One4Wall?

Don’t hesitate to email us at: [email protected]

Tail us on Twitter:

What’s going on:

April seventeenth/v1.0

Beginning discharge

104 free backdrops

6 premium (paid) collections (every collection contains 50 premium backdrops)

This application has no notices

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One4Wall Unique wallpapers v1.2.1 Premium APK


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