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Rain Sounds Relaxing Premium v4.9.9 Full APK The biggest accumulation of unwinding precipitation for Android. More than 35 rain sounds (free and HD) mixable with thunders and music keeping in mind the end goal to achieve a condition of finish unwinding.

Perfect for resting, reflection, fixation or in the event that you have tinnitus issues (ringing in the ears).

You can alter the volume of rain, thunders and music independently to locate the perfect blend thus support a profound unwinding of the psyche.

You can keep the application out of sight in conjunction with different applications (for listening your most loved music, play diversions or peruse the web).

It is likewise conceivable to set a clock and kill the screen. Toward the finish of the set time, the sound blurs tenderly and the application closes without anyone else’s input, so you don’t need to stress over close it on the off chance that you nod off.

The rain sounds and unwinding music effectsly affect the body and calming the psyche on the grounds that, by covering the outer condition commotion, advance unwinding and help in various events: for better rest, to pack in work, study or perusing, for contemplation, and so forth.

Unwind your brain, expel the pressure and locate your inward peace. Go into your desert spring of quiet.

*** Main highlights ***

– 35+ flawlessly circled rain sounds (free and HD)

– Thunders and music mixable with the rain sounds

– Individual volume change for rain, thunders and music

– Ability to utilize the application alongside different applications

– Timer for self-shutting the application

– Audio stop on approaching call

– No spilling is required for playback (no information association required)

– No discernable circle because of updated sound motor

*** List of rain sounds ***

– Rain in the timberland

– Rain in the city

– Strong electrical storm

– Thunders and music

– Rain in the recreation center

– Bungalow in the timberland

– Under the tree

– Thunderstorm in the farmland

– Rainy night with crickets

– Tropical tempest

– Rain in the garden

– Thunderstorm

– Rain on the tin rooftop

– Under the umbrella

– Puddles in the wide open

– Rain against the window

– Hailstorm

– Water in the drain

– Distant tempest

– Light rain around evening time

– Home in the rainforest

– Light rain on the windshield

– Rain on takes off

– Light rain in the garden

– Heavy rain on the windshield

– Tent in the rain

– Dripping water

– Tent in the rainstorm

– Wind and rain

– Inside the auto

– Rain in the city

– Inside the convoy

– Rain on the auto rooftop

– Inside the farmhouse

– Morning precipitation

– Rain on the sky facing window

*** Benefits for rest ***

Experience you difficulty nodding off? This application causes you to rest soundly by hindering the outside clamors. Presently you nod off quicker and rest better.

Say farewell to your sleep deprivation! Improve Your Life!

*** Benefits for the psyche ***

Rain Sounds Relaxing Premium v4.9.9 Full APK The hints of nature ease the worry of current life.

The human personality responds emphatically when it hears the hints of nature since they stir feelings that remind our primordial condition.

Hear the hints of nature drives us far from the clamor and every day worry to influence us to come back to the quiet of our beginnings.

*** Usage notes ***

For a superior affair, I suggest you the utilization of earphones or headphones to listen the unwinding sounds.

You can utilize the application in foundation and with different applications.

*** Notes on consents ***

– Device ID and call data (read telephone status and personality)

Used to stop sound on approaching call and to play again toward the finish of call.

– In-application buys

Utilized as a part of the buy of the superior rendition.

– Prevent telephone from resting

Used to keep alive the application when you kill the screen or while utilizing different applications.

– Full system access and view organize associations

Used to confirm the buys and show promotions.

What’s New

Small improvements

Screenshot Rain Sounds Relaxing Premium v4.9.9 Full APK

Rain Sounds Relaxing Premium v4.9.9 Full APK Rain Sounds Relaxing Premium v4.9.9 Full APK

Rain Sounds Relaxing Premium v4.9.9 Full APK


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