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Search Duplicate File SDF Pro v4.77 Full APK The copy/trick/reserve/out of date documents involve a great deal of storage room, back off the record seek speed and keep you from downloading more music, photograph, video or applications, it’s hard to recognize them one by one.

With Search Duplicate File, an Android shrewd utility application, you can find and expel these copy/hoodwink/store/out of date documents effectively and precisely! It can free up a ton of storage room on your Android gadget!

The primary Android (Only Android) application used to look for copy records, since 2011, the quickest and most effective copy/reserve/out of date documents remover!

VISA as it were!

>>> Features(since 2011):

? Major ?

Bolster SUB-FOLDER, select any catalog.

Bolster LOCK-FOLDER, secure your essential documents (Paid form as it were).

Bolster SD CARD and OTG USB stockpiles.

Bolster MOUNT POINTS, locate the TRUE copies.

Bolster SMART-SELECTOR, recognize unique and copies precisely.

Bolster BIG GIF (Pause/Resume GIF).


Determine FILE SIZE.

See the query items (picture, sound, video, application).

Bar the query items.

RENAME the indexed lists.

Channel the indexed lists (picture, sound, video, report, application, catchphrase regex special case, choices).

Spare and RESTORE the indexed lists.

Bunch erase records from MULTIPLE organizers.

Bunch make records SHA/CRC32/MD5.




Hunt CAMOUFLAGED IMAGE/AUDIO/VIDEO/APK (Media document store/thumbnail).

Super search(File name/type/measure/time)

An ever increasing number of highlights are coming, in light of a POWERFUL SEARCH ENGINE!!!

? User Experience ?

? Long-tap menu/thing to show interpretation (Google/Microsoft decipher application required).

? Support exchanging dialects, your interpretation is extremely valued: [email protected], much obliged!

? Remind you with notice after inquiry is done.

? The list items are gathered.

? Batch select|deselect|expand|collapse|delete|exclude documents or gatherings.

? Advanced ?

? Generate document unique finger impression list.

? Save the item to record/sdcard/duplicates.txt, please make the document right off the bat.

? Long tap filename, filepath or MD5 on subtle elements see, duplicate to framework clipboard.

? Support trump card characters “*” at Settings – General – Custom incorporate field.

>>> How to Search Duplicate File SDF Pro v4.77 Full APK :

>>> Known Issues of Search Duplicate File SDF Pro v4.77 Full APK :

? Searching for large amount files may cause crash – OutOfMemoryError, to avoid this crash, please specify file size in Settings – General.
? Unable to delete files on Android 4.4 Kitkat external SD card because of Google’s Policy.
? In Gallery|Media Player apps, media files still there, or all disappeared.
1. Delete hidden file /sdcard/.nomedia.
2. Clear Media Storage data. Settings – Apps – All – Media Storage – Clear data.
3. Reboot your device and wait for a while.

What’s New

Delete empty folder

Screenshot Search Duplicate File SDF Pro v4.77 Full APK

Search Duplicate File SDF Pro v4.77 Full APK Search Duplicate File SDF Pro v4.77 Full APK

Search Duplicate File SDF Pro v4.77 Full APK

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