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Search Duplicate File SDF Pro v4.96 Paid APK When you rehash download a photograph/picture/picture from system, or rehash get a melody utilizing Bluetooth, or duplicate a document to another envelope yet neglect to erase the first, copy/trick is delivered. The copies involve a great deal of Android extra room, it will back off your record seeking speed and keep you from downloading more music, photograph, video or Android applications, it’s hard to recognize them one by one.


? Smart selector(Includes Keep the most established, Keep the freshest, Keep the briefest name) encourages you to recognize copies and unique.

? Smart selector causes you to choose the copies which have a similar envelope.

? Support Android 5.0 Lollipop outside SD card.

? Support inner/outer SD card/OTG stockpiling.

? Support exchanging dialects.

? Support sharing documents.

? Support scene mode.

? Support separating list items, picture/sound/video/report/apk.

? Support separating record name/document way with customary articulation.

? Support barring indexed lists.

? Support sparing and reestablishing organizer determinations.

? Support sparing and reestablishing indexed lists.

? Support seeking photograph/picture/picture/sound/music/ring/video/archive/apk, media records and all documents.

? Support seeking photograph/picture/picture without record extension(hidden/stored picture).

? Support seeking concealed records/envelopes.

? Support reviewing photograph/picture/picture/video/apk.

? Support reviewing photograph/picture/picture(png, jpg, gif, bmp, webp) without document extension(hidden/reserved picture).

? Support way/measure limit.

? Support physical console.

? Notification will be shown when seek total.

? Search results are assembled by document measure.

? View record content before erasing it.

? Batch select/deselect documents/gatherings.

? Batch erase/bar records/gatherings.

? Batch extend/breakdown gatherings.

? Save query output to content document. (Shrouded highlight, make/sdcard/duplicates.txt right off the bat)

? Copy document name/record way/MD5 to clipboard. (Concealed component, on document subtleties see)

? Support * in custom incorporate field. (Concealed element)

Utilization Tips:

? Each outcome assemble contains both unique record and copy documents, deselect something like one document as unique record.

? Long snap organizer chooser/result rundown to get more activities.

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Screenshots Search Duplicate File SDF Pro v4.96 Paid APK

Search Duplicate File SDF Pro v4.96 Paid APK

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