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Siempo v0.1.4.0 Full APK descriptions:

Welcome to Siempo’s Beta Launch!

“We require more upgrades of center gadget interfaces. Siempo is one of the first and has worked hard for quite a while” – Tristan Harris, The Center for Humane Technology

“We’re dependent on our telephones. Take a gander at your telephone as instrument not a commitment.” -Kanye West

The Siempo Home App changes any cell phone into a more advantageous advanced understanding. Clump warnings, quiet your home screen, make remove between diverting applications and more keeping in mind the end goal to avert oblivious utilize and carry on with an existence of more profound concentration, nearness and human association.

Motivated and supported by The Center for Humane Technology, Siempo is both the defensive apparatus expected to explore our eye catching advanced world, and the cordial tutor to enable form to better tech propensities.

Key Features:

Notice Tempo

Get notices clumped at set interims. On the half hour, best of great importance, or once multi day like the mail. Select particular applications that may intrude on you.

Abuse Protection

Siempo can enable you to lessen application abuse with delicate pokes that uncover the measure of time spent in the application and offer more advantageous employments of screen time.

Edified Home Screen

Siempo replaces the stock Android home screen with a more settled, less diverting interface. To a greater degree a zen cultivate than a Times Square. Alter with a quiet picture.

Goal Setting

From the home screen you can customize a message you will see each time you open your telephone. What might be dexterous for you to peruse many times each day?

Clean App Menus

Layered menu framework keeps your instruments and top picks nearer by, and your diverting applications assist away.

Quieted App Icons

Unbranded and greyscale application symbols keep you from getting derailed collecting intellectual load in transit in/out of your telephone.

Application Scrambling

Randomize the area of your diverting applications to counteract oblivious opens and use.

Siempo is free for constrained time while in beta, yet you are constantly welcome to add to our central goal (Help > Contribute to Siempo). We anticipate charging for the last item and will never adapt clients’ consideration with promotions.


What’s new



– Restrict client to abuse of hailed applications.

– Improved Tempo clump notice conduct.

– Storage authorization ask for seems just when required.

– Improved application highlights and execution.

– Contribute to Siempo.

Screenshot of Siempo v0.1.4.0 Full APK

Siempo v0.1.4.0 Full APK Siempo v0.1.4.0 Full APK

Siempo v0.1.4.0 Full APK

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