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The app do not provide images (yet) ####

Savvy Wallpaper will permit you to set an alternate backdrop picture for various circumstances. You won’t get exhausted to see the same picture constantly!

You can pick an alternate picture taking into account the this conditions:

– Weather;
– Part of the day;
– Day of the week;
– Month;
– The WiFi arrange that you are associated;
– Or simply select an irregular rundown of pictures.

– Set a darker picture at night, and lighter in the morning.
– Set a sustenance related picture when you as a rule have your dinners.
– Use an alternate picture when you are associated with the workplace WiFi and the home WiFi.
– Select an alternate picture for your working days and for the weekend.

… and much more! 🎉

What’s New:
– Fix for bug that select the wrong category after the update (sorry);
– Major improvements in the quality of the images – you will need to load the image again to see it;
– HUGE speed improvements when you load an image;
– UI/UX changes;
– Memory improvements;
– Bug fixes;


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