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Spending too much on your phone/ social media?
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July 28, 2020
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SocialX Screen Time Blocker Limit v1.2.01 Pro APK Spending a lot on your telephone/web-based social networking?

Searching for a screen time blocker application to help with that?

Anticipating stopping internet based life?

You arrived at the correct spot. SocialX is here to support you.

Breaking point screen time from web based life with SocialX

SocialX helps follow and decrease your screen time via web-based networking media applications.

Key highlights of SocialX:

1) Track your screen time:

With this Android application for screen time following, you can follow time spent via web-based networking media and different applications regularly. You can see cool measurements of time spent on applications over the most recent 7 days. You can likewise discover measurements of the time spent on each application (this is an excellent element).

2) Set a day by day limit via web-based networking media utilization:

This Android screen time blocker application you can set a day by day objective on the measure of time you need to spend via web-based networking media. Along these lines, you have more opportunity to spend in reality and with genuine individuals. For example on the off chance that you wish to just utilize online networking for one hour out of each day, you can set a constraint of 60 minutes/day.

When the cutoff is determined to this online networking blocker application, at whatever point you open an internet based life application, you will see a clock at the head of the screen. This clock keeps you aware of your objective of keeping your utilization to short of what 60 minutes. At the point when your use is under half of your objective, the clock will show in green shading. When you cross half, it changes to orange/golden. After your utilization crosses 90%, the clock will change to a forewarning red shading.

3) Block internet based life applications after your every day limit is reached:

After you cross your day by day limit, say, 60 minutes/day, you will be obstructed from utilizing online life applications. At the point when you attempt to open an online life application after your cutoff has been crossed, you will see a SocialX window that comes and squares you from getting to web based life. Our self control isn’t generally solid in stopping a propensity. With SocialX, you need not rely upon your self discipline any longer. The application at last causes you in lessening, and in the long run stopping internet based life (if stopping is your objective).

4) Block applications other than web based life:

Not simply web based life applications, you can likewise track and square different applications that remove your time. For example suppose you invest a ton of energy in YouTube. In any case, Youtube is actually not an online life item. In any case, you can even now add it to the rundown of applications to be followed and the blocker tracks and restrains your utilization of youtube. You can indicate 3 non-web based life applications to be followed for nothing. To include in excess of 3 online networking applications, you will require a superior membership.

5) Set appwise utilization limit:

As a matter of course, SocialX has an absolute restriction of time spent over all applications that you track. In any case, you should confine use of a particular application, state, Instagram, to a specific span. You can set an application explicit use limit also (this is an excellent element). With this component, you can guarantee that a particular application doesn’t take away your profitability.

6) Prevent uninstall:

In the event that you empower this, SocialX application can’t be uninstalled. You should incapacitate this usefulness to uninstall the application. You should hold up a day so as to impair this usefulness. (this is a superior component)

Tips for utilizing the application:

– Quitting web-based social networking: If you will probably stop internet based life inside and out, you can set the every day cutoff to 1 moment. Along these lines, you won’t be permitted to open any web based life application after your brief breaking point is reached.

– Help in restraint: SocialX can likewise go about as an application that can help in discretion. You can decrease/limit time spent on superfluous applications, helping you remain concentrated on things that issue.

Authorizations required by SocialX:

Availability administrations: with the end goal for SocialX to follow the hour of use of online life applications, openness administrations authorization is needed(BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE).

What are you sitting tight for? Introduce SocialX screen time blocker and lessen your internet based life utilization.

SocialX Screen Time Blocker Limit v1.2.01 Pro APK


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What's new

1) Todo list can now be added as a wallpaper so you can be on top of your day
2) Sleep peacefully: You can now sleep peacefully by blocking access to social media during bed time
3) Focus mode: want to focus on work/studies? you can enable focus mode and stay off social media for a while.
4) Widgets: you can add SocailX widgets to your home screen


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