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Sun SeekerĀ® is a comprehensive sun tracker & compass app that lets you track sunrise sunset times. You can find the sun, check sun position & solar path. Sunseeker, the sun surveyor app, has a flat compass & a 3D AR view to show sun exposure, equinox, solstice paths, sunrise sunset times, twilight times & more.
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March 22, 2020
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Sun Seeker Sunrise Tracker Patched Full APK is a thorough sun tracker and compass application that lets you track dawn dusk times. You can discover the sun, check sun position and sun powered way. Sunseeker, the sun surveyor application, has a level compass and a 3D AR view to show sun introduction, equinox, solstice ways, dawn nightfall times, sundown times and more.

It tends to be utilized by- Sun Seeker Sunrise Tracker Patched

* Photographers-to design shoots and recordings as per the enchantment hour and brilliant hour. Use sun see highlight to discover the sun and dawn nightfall times. The best sun introduction and sun position for photographs can be checked utilizing Sunseeker – the sun tracker application.

* Architects and Surveyors-to see the spatial changeability of sun oriented point throughout the entire year. Utilize this sun dial like compass application as a sun tracker and sun surveyor to discover the daylight introduction, sun heading and sun way. Sun Seeker Sunrise Tracker Patched

* Real Estate Buyers-purchase properties utilizing this sun surveyor application to check the daylight presentation and to discover the sun.

* Cinematographers-The sun surveyor see shows the sunlight based heading for every sunshine hour. With Sun Seeker you can locate the dawn dusk, sunlight based way and sun position for any area.

* Drivers-This dawn dusk application, lets you track the sunlight based way and sun position for the duration of the day. Drivers can utilize this sun tracker to locate the ideal parking space by observing the daylight presentation and dawn dusk times .Sun Seeker Sunrise Tracker Patched

* Campers and Picnickers-Finding an extraordinary campground is simple with Sun Seeker’s sun tracker. With this compass and dusk application, you can check the daylight introduction consistently and find the sun position.

* Gardeners-Sunseeker is a far reaching sun tracker and compass application which causes you find ideal planting areas and daylight presentation hours.

Primary Features

* Sunseeker compass application is a sun tracker application to discover the sun. It utilizes GPS, magnetometer and spinner to locate the right sun position and sun oriented way for any area.

* Flat compass see appears, the sun oriented way, sun position, diurnal sun point and height (partitioned into day and night portions), shadow length proportion, environmental way thickness.

* 3D AR camera overlay sun see shows the sun’s present position, its way with hour focuses stamped. Sun Seeker Sunrise Tracker Patched

* Camera see has a pointer to manage you to discover the sun. With this sun surveyor application, you can know the dawn dusk times and daylight introduction.

* Map see right now application shows sunlight based bearing bolts and sun way for every hour of the day.

* The dawn nightfall application empowers you to pick any date to see sun position and way on that day. With this sun locator and sun way application, you can likewise see dawn and dusk time for every day.

* Ability to pick any area on earth (incorporates 40,000+ urban areas or custom areas accessible disconnected, and an itemized online guide search capacity) Sun Seeker Sunrise Tracker Patched

* The dawn dusk and sun locator application gives subtleties of dawn nightfall times, sun bearing, height, common, nautical and cosmic sundown times of the sun.

* Optional gadget warnings for all sun-related periods and occasions, for example, different nightfall periods at a given compass heading or over a given height.

* It permits the client to incorporate equinox, solstice ways on both level compass see and camera see. Sunseeker sun course application shows you the daylight introduction, sun bearing, dawn and dusk time.

Sun Seeker has been highlighted in various prominent productions, similar to the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Sydney Morning Herald and so on. “Genuinely astonishing”, “Mind boggling”, “Splendid” – the most helpful utilization of expanded reality – ever!

Watch our YouTube video here. Sun Seeker Sunrise Tracker Patched

Quest YouTube for “Sun Seeker application” recordings, sites and web journals made by our eager clients.

See FAQs – from the application’s data screen. Sun Seeker Sunrise Tracker Patched


The compass exactness relies upon having an undistorted attractive field around your gadget. In the event that you use it near metallic items or electrical hardware, directional precision might be debilitated. The gadget’s compass precision can be advanced by adjusting it before use.

Sun Seeker Sunrise Tracker Patched Full APK

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What's new

* Addition of date/time scroller and Now button on main flat compass view
* Addition of twilight/magic hour status to main flat compass view - tap it for popup showing all times
* Several other fixes and enhancements


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