TaoMix 2 – Relax, Sleep & Focus v1.0.5 Full APK

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TaoMix 2 – Relax, Sleep & Focus v1.0.5 Full APK descriptions:

Make and investigate immersive, interesting and individual soundscapes that will transport you around the globe, from the most elevated mountains to the sea’s profundities.

Download TaoMix 2 now and appreciate unwinding, care reflection and rest more than ever!

How it works:

TaoMix 2 offers a one of a kind and simple approach to make your own particular soundscapes that can develop arbitrarily after some time, for an immaculate inundation.

1. Include encompassing sounds and unwinding songs to your soundscape.

Select from the extensive variety of great sounds or let the application decide for you. You can even record your own particular sounds!

2. Take a load off…

Lose yourself in nature’s great tune, and let it control you at its own particular pace.

Close your eyes and quiet your brain. Spotlight on your relaxing.

Make the most of your unwinding and reflection sessions, or a decent night’s rest.


• Easily make novel soundscapes that advance after some time.

• Collect and blend in excess of 130 deliberately handpicked encompassing sounds and unwinding tunes.

• Record and blend your own particular sounds. Conceivable outcomes are unending!

• Use the clock to nod off or to set a period utmost to your unwinding, care contemplation or yoga sessions.

• Set the wake up timer to wake up with your soundscapes.

• Option to produce irregular soundscapes.

• Save, rename and arrange your manifestations.

• Listen to your own particular soundscapes while utilizing different applications in the meantime.

Sound packs list:

• The basics (Birds tweeting, Light rain, River, Frogs, …)

• Camping on a mid year night (Camp fire, Rain on the tent, Scops owl, …)

• Buzzing bistro (Coffee shop kitchen, Noisy room, Coffee processor, …)

• Japanese garden (Chimes, Birds trilling, Water wellspring, Relaxing automaton, Japanese tunes, …)

• Aether (Bells, Flute, Drone, Relaxing tunes, …)

• Autumn walk around the backwoods (Forest winged creature, Stream, Wind in trees, Squirrel, …)

• Swimming with whales (Whale tune, Deep water, Underwater air pockets, …)

• Wind rings (Metal tolls, Crystalline tolls, Wooden rings, …)

• Binaural beats (Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Theta)

• Tibetan religious community (Drum, Buddhist priests singing, Prayer wheel, …)

• Colors of clamor (White commotion, Pink commotion, Brown clamor, …)

• A night by the chimney (Cat murmuring, Fireplace, Rain on the window, …)

• And some more!

We’ll keep on adding nature sounds and unwinding tunes consistently, please send us your proposals!

About the app:

We are a group of two designers situated in Montreal (Canada), enthusiastic about nature, sound and care reflection. We genuinely believe that tuning in to the hints of nature can help quiet the psyche, lessen pressure and enter a profound unwinding state, while raising ecological mindfulness.

TaoMix 2 is the continuation of our first surrounding clamor application, TaoMix, and its plan was to a great extent guided by your useful criticism and consolation.

Much obliged to you for your astounding help. We want to get notification from you.

On the off chance that you have any inquiries, proposals or issues, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at: [email protected]

What’s new


– Fixed a few issues.

Much obliged to you for your astounding criticism.

Screenshot of TaoMix 2 – Relax, Sleep & Focus v1.0.5 Full APK

TaoMix 2 - Relax, Sleep & Focus v1.0.5 Full APK TaoMix 2 - Relax, Sleep & Focus v1.0.5 Full APK

TaoMix 2 – Relax, Sleep & Focus v1.0.5 Full APK

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