Upside Down Text Keyboard v1.0 Paid APK

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Upside Down Text Keyboard v1.0 Paid APK UpsideDown Text is a FUN console that gives you a chance to record upside in any application.


Utilize it to communicate or just to be unique in your talk gathering. Astonishment your companions!

It has 2 UpsideDown content modes: ??I? (flip) and ?s????? (turn around), typical content (latin letter set), exceptional numbers and accentuation and +800 emoticons!

* Your companions need to pivot their telephones to peruse your messages! *


Its an ordinary console that you can utilize straightforwardly in Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, Gmail, Hangouts, Hotmail, … basically ANYWHERE! no duplicate/glue!


You can pick between 8 COLORS or set your very own console SIZE. Topsy turvy Text additionally underpins diverse console designs: QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, DVORAK and Colemak.


Simple alternate route key to change between introduced consoles or to tweak it. Swipe left to ‘delete’, appropriate to ‘space’ or down to shroud the console.


On the off chance that some keys don’t show up or square shapes are appeared rather than characters, you can utilize text style supersede to indicate them appropriately. This implies your local android doesn’t have a textual style that renders the character. However, regardless of whether you can’t see the letters while you write in other application, you can send it and the opposite end will get it!


This is certainly not a typical console. The keys are letters from various letters in order chose and organized on a console design so you can without much of a stretch utilize them in any android application. They are from various dialects so there is no word reference, auto-finish or recommendations.

We trust you appreciate it!

Screenshots Upside Down Text Keyboard v1.0 Paid APK

Upside Down Text Keyboard v1.0 Paid APK

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