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Video2me Pro

Video2me Pro is all in one video, gif, photograph and sound manager. You can make gif from video, pictures and camera (on the fly).

Likewise you can consolidate recordings, get ready video (birthday, festivity) arrangement , make slideshow from pictures and change over gif to video.

Alter photographs and make recordings for Social Media Sites without editing and with obscure foundation. Get ready pictures, recordings and gifs for Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube and others.

Video Features:

– Merge recordings
– Create video composition
– Create slideshow
– Create surrounded recordings
– Trim video
– Convert video to gif
– Convert gif to video
– Decrease video size
– Crop video
– Capture picture from video
– Rotate video
– Convert video to Instagram position (no product)
– Convert Video to Audio
– Convert flv to mp4
– Convert 3gp to mp4
– Convert mkv to mp4
– Convert webm to mp4
– Convert avi to mp4

Gif Features:
– Create gif from pictures
– Create gif from camera
– Convert video to gif
– Convert gif to video
– Capture picture from gif
– Decrease video size
– Rotate gif
– Crop gif

Photograph Features:

– Change photograph brilliance
– Crop photograph
– Rotate photograph
– Use channels on photograph
– Convert photograph to Instagram group (no yield)
– Create confined photographs

Sound Features:
– Trim Mp3
– Change ringtone
– Change default caution sound
– Change default notice sound
– Request new element
What’s New:
New Features:
-Convert flv, 3gp, mkv, webm, avi to mp4
-Crop Gif
-Convert Video to Audio
-Trim Mp3,Mp4


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